Bracketology 11/20/19

I want to get a Bracketology out before all of the fun, early season tournaments start. Feast Week begins Thursday morning. From November 21 until December 1, there will be over 20 tournaments going on. Some will go out to Hawaii. Others will be down in the Bahamas, Cancun and Jamaica, while other teams will travel to New York and New Jersey. Can you imagine seeing other teams enjoying the sun, beaches and water parks while you’re stuck in 35-degree temperatures?

There will certainly be plenty of talent to watch. A few notables that won’t be participating in early-season tournaments are Purdue, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Memphis, Louisville, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. I believe that playing in early season tournaments can only help you in the long run.

Right now Delaware and DePaul have the best records. Go ahead and bet on a Blue Hens vs. Blue Demons National Championship. You’ll thank me later. Or don’t, that might be the smarter choice. There are clearly no dominant teams. The minute everyone puts Michigan State up on the top line, Kentucky beats them. Then we were all sold on the Wildcats until they lost to Evansville. So is it Duke now? Louisville isn’t the sexy pick, but I still love them. What if we’re overthinking things and it’s actually still Virginia?

Whatever the case may be, you’re going to see a lot of variety on the Bracket Matrix, which we are a part of.


1. Louisville
16. Norfolk State/Grambling

8. Baylor
9. Arkansas

5. Auburn
12. East Tennessee State

4. Villanova
13. New Mexico State

6. Colorado
11. NC State

3. Tennessee
14. South Dakota

7. LSU
10. Purdue

2. Kansas
15. Delaware


1. Michigan State
16. Eastern Washington

8. Washington
9. Oklahoma State

5. Michigan
12. Georgia/Butler

4. Texas Tech
13. Liberty

6. Xavier
11. Vermont

3. Gonzaga
14. Wright State

7. Marquette
10. Illinois

2. Virginia
15. South Alabama


1. Duke
16. Bucknell/Stephen F. Austin

8. Cincinnati
9. Kansas State

5. Texas
12. Western Kentucky

4. Seton Hall
13. Bowling Green

6. Utah State
11. Notre Dame

3. Oregon
14. Winthrop

7. Florida State
10. Houston

2. Ohio State
15. Harvard


1. Kentucky
16. Rider

8. Memphis
9. Wisconsin

5. Oklahoma
12. Evansville

4. Arizona
13. Belmont

6. VCU
11. Saint Mary’s/Iowa State

3. Maryland
14. UC Irvine

7. Florida
10. Penn State

2. North Carolina
15. St. Francis (PA)

Last four byes

NC State
Notre Dame

Last four in

Saint Mary’s
Iowa State

First four out

West Virginia
Ole Miss

Next four out

Mississippi State
San Diego State
Georgia Tech
Oregon State

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