Deceptive Speed Store is LIVE with a Labor Day sale

The Deceptive Speed Store has been off the internet for the last few months but after the millions of emails, texts, DMs and phone calls I received from you, it is finally back online. It has new shirts with more on the way, and I’m working with a new on-demand T-shirt company thanks to all sorts of issues with the last one. I’ll won’t say the name of the previous company because this is not an audio format, so I’ll just type it instead. Teespring.

You can get Deceptive Speed T-shirts in black, white and gray and if you really call yourself a football fan, I added new merch that you will love. If you will recall, I wrote about attending the first game of the 2021 college football season (Nebraska vs. Illinois) as well as the last (Georgia vs. Alabama) last year.

I had no rooting interest in either game, so I just rooted for my very favorite thing - football.

I wore my football shirt to the sportsbook at the Oneida Casino in Green Bay last weekend for some Week 0 college football betting (went 3-2 by the way), and the bartender entered my name as “Football Guy” on the tab, and that’s probably the greatest thing anybody has ever been called in the history of human existence.

You are not a football fan unless you have a football shirt. And they are available now on the new Deceptive Speed Store just in time for football season. I just ordered mine and cannot wait for it to arrive at my doorstep.


I tried out to be one of the models for this, but the good people at Sellfy picked these people instead.

Happy Football.