Welcome to Deceptive Speed where you will find content that I - Erik Buchinger - promise will make you smarter, happier and sexier. Actually if I connect on one of those three, I’ve done my job.

I like writing and college football, so I created a media company where I primarily write about college football and followed the template set by the founding fathers of sports blogs. I launched DeceptiveSpeed.com from the luxury of my parents’ basement. The command center has since moved locations but depending on the success of this venture, the whole operation may move back to its original home base relatively soon.

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The mission is to keep you coming back by creating entertaining content that is unique and original. Just like your dating history, quality over quantity is the idea. I know you have great taste in your love life, so I trust you have incredible taste in your choice of sports blog.

Because I love you and hate websites loaded with ads, I sacrifice revenue for a better user experience with limited programmatic advertising. When you make a purchase through any of our StubHub, Fanatics and fuboTV links, Deceptive Speed will earn a portion of the sale. I promise to pay it forward when you need help buying out the contract of the crappy coach your favorite team currently employs.

I hope you take advantage of this quarter-life-crisis-fueled site and spend time with Deceptive Speed while you pretend to be working.