Welcome to Deceptive Speed where you will find college football content that I - Erik Buchinger - promise will make you smarter, happier and sexier. Actually if I connect on one of those three, I’ve done my job.

After several years of writing for different publications professionally for newspapers, magazines and websites, I pulled the trigger on creating my own college football media company. To follow the lead of every sports blog to ever exist, DeceptiveSpeed.com launched from the friendly confines of my parents’ basement. The Deceptive Speed Command Center since moved locations but depending on the success of this venture, the whole operation may move back to its original home base relatively soon.

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Deceptive Speed will make you smarter by covering quarterback news extensively for the nerdiest of college football fans with the Gunslinger Buzz. You can get the latest college football QB news featuring updates on the transfer portal, recruiting, position battles, injuries and more all in one spot. If you are a college football nerd with a quarterback obsession like me, bookmark this page.

Deceptive Speed will make you happier by covering topics that hopefully can provide you with a cheap laugh or two. If you’re in the market for betting advice from dating apps where the pics are hot but the picks are even hotter, you’re not going to find that elsewhere. If the time an Ohio State Buckeyes fan wanted to fight me at the Big Ten Championship gives you a smile, we’ve got that too. If you want to send in tips with your awesome game day stories, photos or videos to make this an even happier place to be, my email is [email protected], and Twitter DMs are open.

Deceptive Speed will make you sexier when you purchase items from the Deceptive Speed Store, which will continue to be updated with new items. Extra money is spent on merch quality because I love you. And because I love you and hate websites loaded with ads, the site has limited programmatic advertising and ad partnerships. I sacrifice revenue for a better user experience, and the store helps the most financially.

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Several of you continue to reach out through emails and social media direct messages wondering how to support the site, busting the myth that good people don’t exist online. The single best way is to make Deceptive Speed content a part of your regular routine because an independent site like this relies on direct traffic to grow a loyal following.

The goal is to keep you coming back by creating as much unique and original content you cannot find anywhere else on the internet and for this to be the place to go for the most important college football news you are otherwise going out of your way to seek out.

I hope you take advantage of this quarter-life-crisis-fueled site and spend time with Deceptive Speed while you pretend to be working.