My national championship game day experience

In the fall of 2020, I turned on the TV and observed Wisconsin's Graham Mertz play the quarterback position better than just about anyone I've ever seen at the college level to open up a Big Ten season in late October. Much has changed since then including the return of packed college football stadiums as the Wisconsin Badgers shined in front of a crowd of zero that night in Madison. Through 28 years of life, I've come to realize there is no greater collaboration than college football and its fans, and the only thing that comes close is Double Stuf Oreo's and milk when executed correctly. As I watched Mertz throw his fifth touchdown pass to tie the program's single-game record in

Sizzling Hot Picks against the Spread - First Four edition

first four spread picks

Just a short time ago, we struck gold in a new era when sports betting strategies were being introduced to the American public as the legalization boom spread across the country. Just like anybody interested in the rapidly growing industry, I sought out the most important statistics and best methods to do the impossible - make money betting on sports. Picking the more experienced roster wasn't the answer, and neither was siding with the team that had more rest days in between games. With so much information available to the betting public and sportsbooks sniffing out the successful strategies to minimize their impact, I needed to think outside the box to find my edge. After a few trial runs, I finally found

Best names of the 2022 NCAA Tournament

best names ncaa tournament

While you're researching college hoops to figure out what KenPom is or determining whether senior guard play is the key to a Final Four run, I've been putting in the time identifying the best names of the 2022 NCAA Tournament. This is a sport that featured some of the best names you will ever see with examples like Diamond Stone, God's Gift Achiuwa and McWisdom Badejo. Yes, those three came right off the top of my head. Elite sports names mean that much to me. After taking a look at the rosters of all 68 teams in the field, I found enough gems to put together first team, second team and honorable mention selections. Some quality names that were snubbed this time

Operation Be Less of a Fat Guy - Daily diet, exercise tracker

As someone who stuck to a diet + workout plan for nearly a full 24 hours at the time of this article's original posting, by law I have the right to hold the title of wellness expert and talk down to you as I preach my superior health tips to strangers on the internet. Elitist attitude aside, Operation Be Less of a Fat Guy is already underway, and it's the only system that I have found to work for me and if this is something you're interested in, it will help you lose weight in 2022. You've probably already accomplished Step 1 of OBLFG, which is to gain weight. You can't lose the weight that you don't have and since you

Sizzling hot picks against the spread - Bet on love

sizzling hot picks

Each week of the 2021 college football season, I will request betting advice for the five biggest games of the upcoming Saturday from people I match with through dating apps in with a season-long competition against myself. We did a version of this in the past before Vegas likely shut down what will go down as the most successful sports betting + online dating collaboration to ever exist. The pics were hot, but the picks were even hotter as my dating app matches correctly picked six consecutive bowl games against the spread before our reign of terror over the sportsbooks ended. Professional sports bettors have access to all the same numbers, spreadsheets and data, but this is an untapped market we're

My Illinois football game day experience at Memorial Stadium

illinois football game day

A couple days before the game, I noticed the tickets were cheap and with a free Saturday, why not take a quick five-hour road trip to watch the first college football game of the season between Illinois and Nebraska? It was the first Big Ten game that allowed fans in attendance since 2019 and the first full-capacity game since LSU capped off a 15-0 national championship season with Joe Burrow under center. Most importantly, it was the first game since my hero Bret Bielema returned to the Big Ten. The only regret came in the seconds following the 4:45 a.m. wakeup call. I didn't have any idea of what to expect from the pregame scene and while the lack of beers

How to stream college football (2021)

stream college football

Streaming services are on the rise for many sports fans across the country as the cord-cutting trend continues. Thankfully, we've got you covered by providing an in-depth guide on how to stream college football in 2021. We are recommending fuboTV as the best college football viewing experience this fall and if you're interested in subscribing to it, please use our link here to sign up. Deceptive Speed will receive a certain percentage of purchases if you use our link. College football streaming reviews: Hulu + Live TV | Sling TV | DirecTV Stream | fuboTV | YouTube TV College Football TV Channels *Only available in select markets. **ACC Network is available in the standard fuboTV channel lineup for in-market states, which include Florida, Georgia, Indiana,

Deceptive Speed founder, American hero, all-around good guy survives hospital scare

I knew our new headline writer would be a great hire. It's been a wild month in the Deceptive Speed universe. If you're getting your college football news and opinion anywhere else this fall, you're not living your life to the fullest. Secondly, the self-proclaimed roundest head in all of sports media and the Deceptive Speed founder found himself in his first ever ambulance ride. As I operated from the friendly confines of the Deceptive Speed Command Center on Sept. 9, I continued my Big Ten football false hope campaign that no doubt had a hand in changing the Big Ten's decision on the 2020 season. Ask conference commissioner Kevin Warren, and he'll say, "Who are you, and what the hell

Coronavirus impact on the handshake and high five

What are we doing right now that our kids and grandkids will think is insane years from now? I have a strong opinion that fashion and appearance will not be all that different in 2070 than it is today. It took the United States hundreds of years of trial and error, but my generation of humans finally figured it out. We've largely phased out mustaches, men's short shorts and glasses that cover the entire face, and America has never been sexier. One area that is already being discussed is the future of the handshake because of the coronavirus, and I think this might be it. Dr. Anthony Fauci went on a Wall Street Journal podcast and said the handshake should

Let’s celebrate Wisconsin’s national title

Deceptive Speed is now in the selling stuff business. We're not making any money off this one, but get in on our first T-shirt, which is on sale now. Coronavirus robbed America of the NCAA Tournament this spring, but I think it's safe to say the Wisconsin Badgers were set up to win it all. You may be thinking I'm a homer to pick my favorite team but I'm just looking at the facts, and the facts say Wisconsin was primed for a national title run. Think about what Wisconsin went through this season. The NCAA forced a player to sit out a third semester after a transfer, one of its best players quit midway through the season and a strength coach