Let’s celebrate Wisconsin’s national title

Deceptive Speed is now in the sellin’ stuff business. We’re not making any money off this one, but get in on our first T-shirt, which is on sale now. Coronavirus robbed America of the NCAA Tournament this spring, but I think it’s safe to say the Wisconsin Badgers were set up to win it all.

You may be thinking, “Hey dumb dumb, you just picked your favorite team.” Hey, I’m just a guy looking at the facts, and the facts say Wisconsin basketball was primed for a national title.

Think about what Wisconsin went through this season. The NCAA forced a player to sit out a third semester after a transfer, one of its best players quit midway through the season and a strength coach went down with him. A player touched an opponent’s knee, which somehow turned into a crotch-shot suspension, and the Big Ten Coach of the Year was torched by the fan base. After all that, Wisconsin won 8 games in a row, finishing first place in the best conference in America.

All that on top of the tragic Howard Moore situation in the offseason.

If you don’t think this type of adversity is worthy of championship consideration, let’s take a look at the analytics. ESPN uses the BPI metric, which determined Wisconsin would’ve beaten BYU in the national title. I have no idea what BPI is, but from this day forward I am a BPI guy.

All you people who doubted Greg Gard and demanded he lose his job despite being one of the most successful coaches in the Big Ten since he took over, you will be forgiven with a single purchase of Wisconsin’s championship T-shirt.

All the money raised from this shirt through April will be donated to MKE Responds Fund, which provides resources to organizations working in the greater Milwaukee area with communities disproportionately impacted by coronavirus and its economic consequences.

We’ll be putting up more items in the near future on our new Merch page on the main menu of the site, so be checkin’ that out. This is actually the second Deceptive Speed production. The first was created by my cousin, a Deceptive Speed superfan.