Oklahoma football predictions for Big 12 play

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It goes without saying Oklahoma football has absolutely dominated the Big 12 the past few years, winning the conference championship four years in a row. With a young, fresh team this year, a lot of fans wonder if the Sooners can turn that four into a five. The concern OU may not be top dog in the Big 12 anymore quickly faded not only because of the Sooners stellar performance last week, but also because with the exception of the team who shall not be named (The University of Texas, there I said it) and West Virginia, the rest of the Big 12 that played last week looked… lackluster. With Texas Tech barely beating Houston Baptist and a loss from both Kansas

Big 12 football predictions - Week 2

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How about that thumbnail huh? I made it myself if you couldn't tell. Well folks, its that time of the year again! College football in the Big 12 is back! It was looking kind of scary there for a while, but we're finally here. Tomorrow, is a great day and every week I'm going to be giving you some insight on the teams and what to expect from them! So lets get into it with the first game on the schedule: TCU vs. SMU Unfortunately this game was postponed due to COVID-19 concerns so we don't get to see TCU play this week, but have no fear, as in two weeks they take on Iowa State in what should be a fantastic

College Football Playoff Elimination Report 6.0: Final

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