Bracketology update: February 26, 2021

It seems like at least one bracketology a week brings news from the NCAA. Here is a summary of what was said:

  • There will be no reseeding once the bracket is released.
  • If an automatic qualifier from a one-bid league can’t go, then that league replaces the team in the same spot.
  • Teams have 48 hours after Selection Sunday to withdraw from the tournament.
  • If a team from a multi-bid league can’t go, then the “first team out” is used to replace.
  • If a team can no longer participate in the NCAA Tournament, it is considered a “no-contest.”

I have a few issues with this. Any team from a multi-bid league can be replaced by the first team out. So let’s say Villanova can’t go. And Indiana is the first team out. The Hoosiers will get a two seed. Another problem I have is games being canceled because a team can’t go. First, what if both teams can’t go? Second, is “One Shining Moment” just going to be Greg Gumbel automatically advancing teams because of “no-contests.”

I guess something is better than nothing. Even if that means Indiana or Minnesota getting a two seed because a team like Villanova or Houston can’t go.

I hate to say it, but Duke has come all the way back from the dead and is here. Another ACC team is moving its way up the bubble lightning fast. Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets beat Florida State and all of a sudden their metrics are in the top 50. North Carolina is an ACC team that isn’t helping itself. It beat up on Louisville, then scheduled a game against Marquette and lost its first home game. Meanwhile Louisville bounced back and beat Notre Dame by 12.

Seton Hall dug itself into a hole and lost to Butler. Virginia Tech’s loss to Georgia Tech may have helped the Yellow Jackets, but it pushed the Hokies way back. Half of the Big 12 teams are starting to separate. Baylor is still by itself after avoiding a scare to Iowa State. Then there’s West Virginia, Texas and Kansas. Oklahoma, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State are just a tick behind the rest.

Clemson just hurdled Virginia for second best in the ACC. Because of a handful of ACC and Big 12 teams slipping, along with Missouri, Wisconsin is back as a top-five seed. I still don’t like Creighton. I think VCU is going to be just fine. It was nice to see Bones Hyland jumping up and down on the sideline the other night.

This whole week has been wild. I had the bracket set Thursday afternoon. After all the games went final, two teams were knocked out of the field. Two teams entered. Minnesota is running out of chances. It still has plenty of good wins, but losing at home to Northwestern is a killer. The bubble got worse from where we were a week ago. I had to hold my nose as I made the changes. West Coast basketball has been so much fun this year. Boise State loses to San Diego State. But they meet again Saturday. Broncos have more wins in the Mountain West, but the Aztecs have less losses. Boise State holds on to the auto-bid spot by a hair.

A lot of conference regular season games are coming to an end this weekend. Some games will be scheduled on the fly before their tournaments begin. Make sure you all sign up for the Jerome’s. You pick the winners of all 31 conference tournaments. First deadline is March 1 at 6 p.m. ET and the second is March 8 at 6 p.m. ET. It’s a fun way to watch Championship Week.

Let’s enjoy the home stretch.

As always, check us out on the Bracket Matrix.

Pod 1

1 Gonzaga

9 Louisville

5 Virginia
12 Wichita State

4 Arkansas

6 Colorado
11 Loyola-Chicago/Indiana

3 West Virginia
14 Liberty

7 San Diego State
10 Oregon

2 Iowa
15 Texas State

Pod 4

1 Ohio State
16 Siena

9 North Carolina

5 Tennessee
12 Colgate

4 Kansas
13 Abilene Christian

6 Oklahoma
11 Drake

3 Florida State
14 South Dakota State

10 Rutgers

2 Villanova
15 Eastern Washington

Pod 2

1 Baylor
16 Bryant/PV A&M

8 Virginia Tech

5 Wisconsin
12 Georgia Tech/Colorado State

4 Texas
13 Toledo

6 Texas Tech
11 UConn

14 Winthrop

7 Florida
10 Boise State

2 Illinois

Pod 3

1 Michigan
16 James Madison

8 Missouri
9 St. Bonaventure

5 Clemson
12 Western Kentucky

4 Purdue
13 Belmont

6 OK State
11 Seton Hall

3 Houston
14 Furman

7 Creighton
10 Maryland

2 Alabama
15 Cleveland State

Last four byes

Seton Hall

Last four in

Colorado State
Georgia Tech

First four out

Michigan State

Next four out

Saint Louis
Utah State

Four more

Ole Miss

Photo by Hannah Saad | The Crimson White