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It was a struggle last week as we went 2-6. We’re currently sitting at 66-67 on the season and although this is Championship Week, there are still dozens of games left to play when we get into bowl season. When we get down to that stretch run, it’s time to make plays. Find out what worked and what hasn’t and maybe try something new. For me, that something new is Tinder. Welcome to the first full edition of Sexy Tinder Pics.

I experimented with this new strategy a couple weeks ago with the USC-UCLA matchup. I asked nine of my matches on the popular dating app, which is for desperate singles searching for love. Of the ladies polled, five went with UCLA, two went USC and two unmatched me and I will never see or hear from them again.

Hey if you’re not going to get me winners, I don’t want you in my life anyways.

After getting their advice, I immediately faded them. Went with USC despite the girls being pro-UCLA. Profited big time.

You may ask why I am on Tinder since I am now in love with Utah football. Well with the increase of knowledge in the sports betting space, I’ve got to zig while the other bettors zag. Sure folks may have their spreadsheets and data points to figure out the best number, but nobody is doing what I’m doing.

It’s the same thing on Tinder. Zig and zag. While everybody is out there trying to look for Mr. or Mrs. Forever, I’m here seeking my gambling edge, making cash, increasing my value on the dating market.

I’m a true pioneer in this strategy. They will write books about me one day.

So I asked 10 of my female friends from Tinder to pick one single winner so we’ve got every conference title game covered this weekend. Some of them even offered a little analysis to get me ready for the game.

Names have been altered to protect the innocent.

Oregon +6.5 vs. Utah

Jasmine’s Take: Oregon lol all the way the ducks rule all…Just saying lol

Baylor +9 vs. Oklahoma

Carly’s Take: I’m indifferent to that game actually…haha It was a complete shot in the dark haha I don’t follow much college sports.

Louisiana +7 vs. Appalachian State

No reason given.

Miami (OH) +7 vs. Central Michigan

Tiffany’s Take: Miami???

UAB +7.5 vs. FAU

Nancy’s Take: UAB. Just have to have a positive attitude, so I chose the positive one

Memphis -9.5 vs. Cincinnati

Jenny’s Take: Memphis…I don’t understand the numbers though lol…But I didn’t really enjoy Ohio but i do enjoy Tennessee lol…Lol okay, are you going to explain it now?

Georgia +7.5 vs. LSU

Bernice’s Take: Georgia. LSU’s offense hasn’t been that great.

Boise State -13.5 vs. Hawaii

Andrea’s Take: I looked it up and chose one lol…I didnt have enough information to make an actual educated decision lol

Clemson -28 vs. Virginia

No explanation given.

Ohio State -16 vs. Wisconsin

Grace’s Take: Even though I’d like to see Wisconsin win, I think it’s going to be Ohio State.

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