NFL Combine prop betting

The NFL Combine starts Thursday, and players have the opportunity to improve or worsen their draft stock with performances in the workouts. Right now, I can only find prop bets on some combine performances, but there is still a chance to cash in on the limited options they do offer on specific players.

40-yard dash

Jerry Jeudy O/U 4.44

I’m taking the under here. Jerry Jeudy is known for his route running, but he shows both short area quickness and long speed after the catch. I expect him to run under 4.44 and maybe get into the 4.3s.

Ceedee Lamb O/U 4.54

This might be the toughest pick out of all of them. Ceedee Lamb isn’t a burner, but all he’s heard was how slow he’s going to be. I’ll take the under, but I doubt he’s that far off from this 4.54.

Tee Higgins O/U 4.57

Tee Higgins is representing our namesake with some truly deceptive speed. He’s a long strider and in a straight line I think he can run in the low to mid 4.5s. Give me the under here.

Justin Jefferson O/U 4.51

Take the over. I like Justin Jefferson and think he really profiles well to the next level, but let’s remember he was a two-star recruit and primarily worked the middle of the field at LSU I think he goes over 4.51.

JK Dobbins O/U 4.49

I watched JK Dobbins throughout his career consistently broke off chunk plays. His old running mate Mike Weber ran a 4.47 and Dobbins was the faster of the two on tape. I’ll take the under here.

D’Andre Swift O/U 4.47

There is an overall theme here and that is clearly I think this class has a ton of speed at the skill positions. Swift is no exception and will be in the low 4.4’s. Take the under.

Jonathan Taylor O/U 4.51

Take this under to the bank! JT was a 100-meter track champ in high school and showed break away speed through out his career at Wisconsin. Anything over 4.50 would be a surprise to me.

Joe Burrow O/U 4.81

Is Joe Burrow faster than Jared Goff who ran a 4.82 2016? Yes, he is, and I expect him to be a 4.7 guy should he decided to run the 40 this week. I’m taking the under.

Justin Herbert O/U 4.71

Take the over here. Herbert is a solid athlete for the quarterback position, but at 6-foot-6 and almost 240 pounds I doubt he will have the quickness within the first 10 meters to get under a 4.71.

Jalen Hurts O/U 4.58

Jalen Hurts is a great athlete and a phenomenal leader, but when it comes to straight line speed, I just don’t see a player that is a 4.58. Take the over here with Hurts most likely running in the 4.6’s.

Faster 40 Time

Henry Ruggs vs. Jalen Ragor

Henry Ruggs for whatever your max bet is. Both these guys are explosive, but Ruggs erases angles better than any college player I have ever seen and that includes John Ross. He looks legit 4.2 on tape.

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