Midweek Bracketology 2/26/2020

Influenza has appeared in our household. Sunday night, the oldest was taken in and tested positive for influenza. It’s a good thing germs can’t travel through an article because I’m pretty sure I have a mild form of it. Still, I was still able to power through a Bracketology update.

I haven’t updated a bracket since all the craziness of Saturday. Disney on Ice was fun. Surprisingly they were selling beer so I went ahead and ordered the largest one they had as the show lasted almost two hours. As soon as it ended, I watched the ending to Baylor-Kansas where it came down to the final possession and I expected nothing different. In the end, Baylor took one at Kansas and Kansas took one at Baylor. They’re tied for first in the Big 12, but the Jayhawks get the #1 overall seed in the bracket update.

There was a lot of good action on Saturday. During breaks by the pool I was checking up on scores. But I got back to the room in time to watch the second half of the San Diego State game. And the Aztecs finally lost its first game of the season. Then it was time for Gonzaga-BYU. That was another fun and exciting game, but apparently I chose the wrong one to watch. Erik watched the Arizona-Oregon game and man, was that nuts. I was following updates on Twitter and people were freaking out.

In the end, three out of the four #1 seeds lost, but no one dropped. The Oregon Pritchards picked up a huge road win over Arizona and are back in the top 16. West Virginia is falling fast. It wasn’t too long ago when the Mountaineers were a 2 seed. Now they’re barely a 6 seed. Duke lost. Again. This time it was to a really bad Wake Forest team. With San Diego State and Gonzaga losing over the weekend, that opened the door for the Blue Devils to move closer to a 1 seed. Now they’re a 3 and some think that’s even too high for them.

I’m going to cut this short because I could probably write 500 more words about what all happened since the last update. The Atlantic 10 isn’t helping themselves, Bill Walton is paying off bracketologists to move UCLA onto the bubble and NC State drops out of the field because of a loss to UNC.

I’m done now. If you have any questions about my thought process, tweet me. Otherwise make sure you check all of us out on the Bracket Matrix.


1. Kansas
16. Prairie View A&M/Norfolk State

8. Rutgers
9. Saint Mary’s

5. Iowa
12. Wichita State/Stanford

4. Kentucky
13. New Mexico State

6. Michigan
11. Utah State

3. Villanova
14. Hofstra

7. Butler
10. Virginia

2. Dayton
15. South Dakota State


1. Baylor
16. Siena/St. Francis (PA)

8. Illinois
9. Arizona State

5. Michigan State
12. Northern Iowa

4. Oregon
13. North Texas

6. Ohio State
11. East Tennessee State

3. Duke
14. Bowling Green

7. LSU
10. Indiana

2. Creighton
15. UC Irvine


1. Gonzaga
16. Montana

8. Florida
9. Texas Tech

5. Penn State
12. Yale

4. Colorado
13. Vermont

6. West Virginia
11. USC

3. Seton Hall
14. Belmont

7. Wisconsin
10. Xavier

2. Florida State
15. Little Rock


1. San Diego State
16. Winthrop

8. Houston
9. Providence

5. Arizona
12. Liberty

4. Auburn
13. Stephen F. Austin

6. BYU
11. Rhode Island/Cincinnati

3. Louisville
14. Colgate

7. Marquette
10. Oklahoma

2. Maryland
15. Wright State

Last four byes

Utah State

Last four in

Rhode Island
Wichita State

First four out

NC State
Mississippi State

Next four out


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