Anyone who looks at the website, follows on social media, listens to the podcast or watches the videos is automatically a legend in the Deceptive Speed world. The criteria are pretty strict, but if the Big Ten has taught us anything, it’s that every legend needs a leader. Your leader is Erik Buchinger.

Erik Buchinger

Hi hey hello how are ya nice to meet you, I’m Erik. Born and raised in Big Ten country, this high-motor guy strives to get the most out of his very limited ability every single day from the Deceptive Speed command center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

I launched this website on August 15, 2018 and did the most I could with any amount of free time I had. Fortunately for me, I got fired from my day job, turning Deceptive Speed into my #1 priority. It’s been a fun ride as I’m now living my dream developing this small business into something great.

I write lots of the articles that appear on and host a daily, 15-minute college sports show called Deceptive Speed LIVE on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and sometimes Instagram. I also co-host the Deceptive Speed Podcast with Sean Maloney. Incredible guests coming soon.

Follow @ImErikBuchinger on Twitter. Hope you enjoy the site and let’s have some fun during my quarter-life crisis.

Sean Maloney

Hey Everybody. My name is Sean Maloney, and I’m from the wonderful city of Beloit, Wisconsin. I graduated from UW Oshkosh after a Stifler-length tenure (five and half years to be exact). I majored in Radio/TV/Film and minored in Journalism.

Growing up people always told me that I had a face for radio so I figured I’d put it to use. I currently work for NRG Media as an on-air personality and sports director. I co-host the Deceptive Speed Podcast, but I do some writing as well. As long as Erik is okay editing all my pieces seeing as my AP knowledge disappeared the second I was no longer being taught by the fine journalism department at UWO.

Hope everyone enjoys what we’re going to bring to you guys. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @ItsSeanMaloney.

Austin Walther

Hello. How are you today? Any fuel? Sorry, I work at Kwik Trip. What you need to know about me is I’ve always been a diehard Wisconsin sports fan and college basketball is my first love.

Do you have a rewards card with us? Sorry, Kwik Trip talk again. I started writing some football for this site when it was first launched, but now I’m strictly the full-time Bracketologist. Looks like your soda is free today. Sorry, Kwik Trip again.

I began doing Bracketology for fun in college and then a few years ago I found out about the Bracket Matrix and knew I had to get on there. Apparently there’s a whole world full of nerdy college basketball fans like myself.

Would you like a bag or a receipt? Sorry, that’s Kwik Trip for ya. I’m always staying up to date on college basketball news and scores. Make sure you follow me on Twitter @walther924 for college hoops talk and occasionally the NFL, college football, Brewers and Bucks. See you next time.

Nick Larson

Born in Wisconsin and current resident of Chicago, it’s draft season all year long for me. Stats are fun, some 40’s are run, but tape never lies. Getting you all the information you need on your future favorite player.

Things I Love: NFL Draft, College football, Lee Corso.
Things I Hate: Scheduling FCS teams, ejections for targeting, Ryan Field.

I’m no mathematician, but a 4-team Playoff for a sport that has 5 power conferences doesn’t add up for me. Imagine if there were bowl games in the Midwest, one can dream right?

Taking follows, likes and questions @nmlarson_4 on Twitter.

Deceptive Speed