Caleb Williams: Wisconsin HC Paul Chryst addresses QB transfer rumors

The Caleb Williams-to-Wisconsin rumors ran wild on social media earlier this winter before he ultimately decided on the USC Trojans, which was expected all along. During his spring practice press conference on Monday, Wisconsin Badgers head coach Paul Chryst told reporters he never spoke with Williams throughout the entire process. Get the latest QB news in the Gunslinger Buzz Best Available QBs: Transfers | 2022 Recruits | 2023 Recruits | 2024 Recruits The rumors started as just that with random Twitter accounts claiming sources, but the possibility of the Oklahoma Sooners transfer quarterback heading to Madison picked up steam when major college football websites started to report on it and even predicting Williams to land with the Badgers. The obvious connection was Wisconsin's new

My national championship game day experience

In the fall of 2020, I turned on the TV and observed Wisconsin's Graham Mertz play the quarterback position better than just about anyone I've ever seen at the college level to open up a Big Ten season in late October. Much has changed since then including the return of packed college football stadiums as the Wisconsin Badgers shined in front of a crowd of zero that night in Madison. Through 28 years of life, I've come to realize there is no greater collaboration than college football and its fans, and the only thing that comes close is Double Stuf Oreo's and milk when executed correctly. As I watched Mertz throw his fifth touchdown pass to tie the program's single-game record in

Best uncommitted quarterback recruits - 2022

While plenty of recruiting sites exist, this list of the best 2022 quarterback recruits is an average of the rankings on 247Sports and On3. I use them often and pay annual subscriptions to both - a reminder to support the content you like in 2022. The other major recruiting sites Rivals and ESPN separate their quarterback rankings into two categories with pro-style and dual-threat, while 247Sports and On3 rank all the quarterbacks together as one position. Get the latest QB news in the Gunslinger Buzz Best Available QBs: Transfers | 2022 Recruits | 2023 Recruits | 2024 Recruits Every player is listed as a quarterback, rated at least 3 stars and has a positional ranking on both sites. Because it's hard enough to

Caleb Williams: Former Oklahoma QB transfers to USC

The wait finally over as former Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Caleb Williams will be the newest member of the USC Trojans as he made the announcement with a video to his Instagram account on Tuesday. Williams had been the top player in the transfer portal, and he will follow his former head coach Lincoln Riley to Los Angeles. Get the latest QB news in the Gunslinger Buzz Trackers: QB Transfers | 2022 QB Recruits | 2023 QB Recruits Rumors swirled for weeks around Williams potentially having interest in the LSU Tigers, Wisconsin Badgers and UCLA Bruins to varying degrees. In the end, he wound up with USC where many predicted he would wind up. As a true freshman in 2021, Williams took over for Spencer

Sizzling hot picks against the spread - Bet on love

sizzling hot picks

Each week of the 2021 college football season, I will request betting advice for the five biggest games of the upcoming Saturday from people I match with through dating apps in with a season-long competition against myself. We did a version of this in the past before Vegas likely shut down what will go down as the most successful sports betting + online dating collaboration to ever exist. The pics were hot, but the picks were even hotter as my dating app matches correctly picked six consecutive bowl games against the spread before our reign of terror over the sportsbooks ended. Professional sports bettors have access to all the same numbers, spreadsheets and data, but this is an untapped market we're

My Illinois football game day experience at Memorial Stadium

illinois football game day

A couple days before the game, I noticed the tickets were cheap and with a free Saturday, why not take a quick five-hour road trip to watch the first college football game of the season between Illinois and Nebraska? It was the first Big Ten game that allowed fans in attendance since 2019 and the first full-capacity game since LSU capped off a 15-0 national championship season with Joe Burrow under center. Most importantly, it was the first game since my hero Bret Bielema returned to the Big Ten. The only regret came in the seconds following the 4:45 a.m. wakeup call. I didn't have any idea of what to expect from the pregame scene and while the lack of beers

Notre Dame girl breakup breakdown

A tweet is going viral around the Notre Dame football community with an email from a fella who requested his now-ex girlfriend to tone it down with her Irish fandom. Personally, I would've never let the relationship get this far just because she's a Notre Dame fan, but here's the full context. For those of you who dont know me, before Steve my ex bf broke up with me. (Who would ever leave me....I know what an idiot.) He sent me a list of 8 things to change about myself & then he would consider getting back together. Here it is. My number one flaw. Drum roll please... — kates4cubbies (@kates4cubbies) February 11, 2020 Right away, this tweet needed a little work

Minnesota Badgers onesie should lead to arrest

Sometimes mistakes are made, and we all do things at our jobs that are against our intentions. For example, I will likely have several mistakes in this article because proofreading is for losers. It might be too extreme to say Target stores need to be shut down immediately, though it's worth considering, but the person or people responsible for the Minnesota Badgers onesie may need to be incarcerated. What is this @Target? @GopherSports ? — k i l e i g h (@kilecarp) February 10, 2020 Growing up in 2020 is hard enough, and adding this type of confusion could lead to major psychological damage to children. Sports fandom is a decision, not something people are born with. I am very pro-choice

How to behave on National Signing Day

Welcome to National Signing Day, everybody. You probably didn't know that's today because there are now two of them, and most of the high school prospects already signed in December during the Early Signing Period. It's a wacky system that puts everybody in a weird position, and National Signing Day definitely lost its excitement since this change was made. Kids are going to be putting hats on heads whether they fit or not, and maybe we'll see some entertaining videos or viral moments along the way. Regardless, the kids are ready, and they've rehearsed what they're going to say in a moment that will change their lives forever. They took advantage of gifted athleticism and worked for 18ish years to get

Why are sports fights legal?

Last night's Kansas-Kansas State basketball game ended with an all-out brawl, highlighted by Silvio De Sousa grabbing a chair. He was ready to smack people around with it before somebody knocked it away as he was in his backswing. While the chair never connected with anybody, plenty of punches landed. Seth Greenberg went on TV and said De Sousa should receive criminal charges. Charging just one guy in an all-out brawl seems aggressive, but I've always been fascinated by this idea that fighting during a sport is hardly ever looked at as a crime. Jim Sorgi This idea popped into my head at a young age when I was just a 10-year-old kid watching a Wisconsin-Ohio State football game on Oct. 11, 2003.