Sam Dekker was told athleticism wouldn’t translate to Big East

Let's get this started by reminding everybody Marquette hasn't won an NCAA Tournament game since 2013. Now that we got that out of the way, let's get down to business. According to a Dwight Schrute GIF that could mean anything source, it's possible somebody from Marquette told Sam Dekker his athleticism wouldn't translate well to the Big East. I actually appreciate that comment because without the racial stereotype, Deceptive Speed would not exist. Below is the Twitter exchange from Tuesday afternoon. Unrelated Fun Fact of the Day: Marquette hasn't won an NCAA Tournament game since 2013. Safe to say Sam Dekker's athleticism translated pretty well to the Big Ten where he will be remembered as one of the best Badgers ever, leading Wisconsin to

College basketball media as Sesame Street characters

I don't know when or how it started and I won't take the 30 seconds to look it up, but I'm glad we live in a world where postgame press conferences still exist. Imagine you're doing whatever it is you do for a living and minutes after a big day at the office, you're questioned about every decision you made. If things didn't go so well, odds are you'll blame anybody you can aside from yourself. In college hoops, the main complaints from head coaches go toward officials, but after a home loss to Wisconsin on Saturday, Archie Miller took direct aim at the Bracketology industry, even naming Mr. Bracketology himself Joe Lunardi when comparing him and the rest of

One year ago: My most memorable sporting event

One year ago today, I left my apartment on a Saturday afternoon and witnessed the most memorable sporting event I will ever see. I've seen a Packer playoff game, a Wisconsin football conference title and stormed the court at the Kohl Center. But of all the cool things I've done as a fella with a deep addiction to sports, nothing will come close to the Shawano Hawks traveling to face the New London Bulldogs on Feb. 16, 2019. I covered the game as a high school sports reporter and made sure to give myself plenty of time beforehand because this was a big moment for the team, the school, the community and the family. Even showing up way earlier than I

Notre Dame girl breakup breakdown

A tweet is going viral around the Notre Dame football community with an email from a fella who requested his now-ex girlfriend to tone it down with her Irish fandom. Personally, I would've never let the relationship get this far just because she's a Notre Dame fan, but here's the full context. For those of you who dont know me, before Steve my ex bf broke up with me. (Who would ever leave me....I know what an idiot.) He sent me a list of 8 things to change about myself & then he would consider getting back together. Here it is. My number one flaw. Drum roll please... — kates4cubbies (@kates4cubbies) February 11, 2020 Right away, this tweet needed a little work

Minnesota Badgers onesie should lead to arrest

Sometimes mistakes are made, and we all do things at our jobs that are against our intentions. For example, I will likely have several mistakes in this article because proofreading is for losers. It might be too extreme to say Target stores need to be shut down immediately, though it's worth considering, but the person or people responsible for the Minnesota Badgers onesie may need to be incarcerated. What is this @Target? @GopherSports ? — k i l e i g h (@kilecarp) February 10, 2020 Growing up in 2020 is hard enough, and adding this type of confusion could lead to major psychological damage to children. Sports fandom is a decision, not something people are born with. I am very pro-choice

BYU mascot dunk power rankings

The 2019-20 college basketball season does not consist of a dominant blue blood program, the FBI or Zion Williamson. What we saw take place Saturday night with the BYU mascot dunk might be the play of the year in college hoops, and I'm not sure there's a close second. I watched this no less than 30 times from all angles and am impressed each and every time. I'm convinced everybody involved spent their entire lives working toward this moment, and years of perfecting their craft delivered when the lights shined the brightest. You won't find brighter lights than on a Saturday night in the West Coast Conference at a timeout break during BYU vs. San Francisco. Best mascot in the country. #Cosmo

How to behave on National Signing Day

Welcome to National Signing Day, everybody. You probably didn't know that's today because there are now two of them, and most of the high school prospects already signed in December during the Early Signing Period. It's a wacky system that puts everybody in a weird position, and National Signing Day definitely lost its excitement since this change was made. Kids are going to be putting hats on heads whether they fit or not, and maybe we'll see some entertaining videos or viral moments along the way. Regardless, the kids are ready, and they've rehearsed what they're going to say in a moment that will change their lives forever. They took advantage of gifted athleticism and worked for 18ish years to get

Greg Gard is not getting fired

Greg Gard is not getting fired and will be the Badgers' head coach heading into the 2020-21 season. The fan base going to be stuck with the guy who led Wisconsin to the third most Big Ten wins since he's been in charge behind only Matt Painter and Tom Izzo. The fan base will try to deal with keeping the guy who is bringing in the highest-ranked recruiting class in program history. If you don't think that's bad enough, get this. Wisconsin will continue on with the coach who currently has the No. 1 ranked recruiting class in the sport of college basketball for 2021. Okay, it has not been an ideal week for Wisconsin basketball. One could call it an absolute

Brad Davison should not be suspended

We have ourselves a classic fist-to-testicle investigation, and this is where we specialize at Deceptive Speed. College basketball's most hated man Brad Davison has been suspended for one game by the Big Ten Conference for his actions against Iowa on Monday night. We will analyze a pair (get it?) of examples of potential Davison misbehavior. One is a clear slap to the genitals, while the other is not. I refer you to Dec. 8, 2018 in a game against Marquette. What we can clearly see here is direct contact from Davison's fist toward the groin area of Marquette player Joey Hauser (before he and his brother quit. Also in light of recent happenings in Wisconsin basketball program, we must remember Marquette hasn't

BREAKING: Greg Gard blocked me on Twitter

Kobe King did not make the trip for the Badgers' game at Iowa tonight and is reportedly "frustrated with the direction of the team this season." I immediately checked the basketball team's Twitter page, King's Twitter page and even the Twitter page of Greg Gard. There, I found that I had been blocked. I am the biggest Greg Gard supporter on the internet and defend this man on a nightly basis against the fellow Badger faithful, standing on the frontlines of justice and all that is good. And what do I get in return? A slap to the face. A gut punch. A kick between the legs. Now I'll miss everything Gard tweets, which so far is nothing in his nine years