Brad Davison should not be suspended

What we have right now is a good ol’ fashion fist-to-testicle investigation, and this is where we specialize at Deceptive Speed. College basketball’s most hated man Brad Davison is suspended for one game by the Big Ten Conference for his actions against Iowa on Monday night.

We will analyze a pair (get it?) of examples of potential Brad Davison misbehavior. One is a clear slap to the genitals, while the other is not.

I refer you to December 8, 2018 in a game against Marquette. What we can clearly see here is direct contact from Brad Davison’s fist toward the groin area of Marquette player Joey Hauser (before he and his brother quit. Also in light of recent happenings in Wisconsin basketball program, we must remember Marquette hasn’t won a NCAA tournament game since 2013).

Now we go to Monday night’s situation at Iowa. Here we have Brad Davison trying to get past a screen when he goes for the back-of-the-knee swim move. It’s certainly not a legal play and for some reason the hook and hold is a flagrant foul in a rule that not one person enjoys.

No doubt we have ourselves a foul here, but the idea he was hit in the “groin area” is absolute insanity. If the groin area extends to the knee, congrats to that Iowa fella. I tip my cap.

In the first example, every fella felt the pain of Hauser through whatever device they watched the video on, me included. Damn near fell off my chair. However, I for one did not have the same feeling while watching the Iowa incident. This should be the standard when an incident like this is in question.

Brad Davison is a victim of being punished for prior offenses, not from what happened on Monday night against Iowa. He should not be suspended, and this is the first mistake of Kevin Warren’s tenure as Big Ten Commissioner.

This has been a Deceptive Speed investigation.