Kobe King quit on Wisconsin

Big Ten Network analyst Andy Katz gave strong opinions on Kobe King leaving the Wisconsin basketball program, and Twitter is upset at him for it. But should we really be applauding the guy who quit right in the middle of the conference schedule?

No matter how much Wisconsin fans want to think the sky is falling, everybody should be fired and the whole team stinks, the Badgers are still in a great position to make the NCAA Tournament. There is not a Bracketology out there that shows Wisconsin all that close to being out of the field of 68.

Wisconsin has a brutal Big Ten schedule the rest of the way with only Nebraska and Northwestern as guaranteed wins. If you absolutely have to leave, why not wait till after the season? Assuming there isn’t something much worse than what is being said by both sides, quitting now makes zero sense.

We just saw Micah Potter spend 18 months away from the court for transferring, so let’s assume King sits out the rest of this season and all of next year with his new team. By doing that, he’s making the decision to sit out approximately 50 out of the 85 or so remaining games he has left to play college basketball.

As we know I am very opposed to doing any research, but a quick Google search for the definition of quit will tell you it means “to leave, usually permanently.” Kobe King is leaving, and it’s permanent.

Kobe King quit on Wisconsin.

Photo courtesy of UWBadgers.com