BREAKING: Greg Gard blocked me on Twitter

Absolute mayhem with the Wisconsin basketball program right now. Starter Kobe King did not make the trip for the Badgers’ game at Iowa tonight and is reportedly “frustrated with the direction of the team this season.” I immediately checked the basketball team’s Twitter page, Kobe King’s Twitter page and even Greg Gard’s Twitter page. There, I found that I had been blocked.

I am the biggest Greg Gard supporter on the internet and defend this man on a nightly basis against the fellow Badger faithful, standing on the frontlines of justice and all that is good. And what do I get in return? A slap to the face. A gut punch. A kick between the legs.

Now I’ll miss everything Greg Gard tweets, which so far is nothing in his nine years of being a Twitter user. This could all be a misunderstanding, but I continue to be a Greg Gard believer. If he’s going down, I’m going down with him. Despite how awful of a coach people says he is, Wisconsin has the third most Big Ten wins since he took over in the middle of the 2015-16 season.

I wish Twitter would notify people if they’ve been blocked or when it happened so we could narrow this down, but I have some theories of why I am currently blocked by the greatest coach in the history of organized athletics.

He needs motivation

You hear all the time where athletes will favorite mean tweets to give them that extra little motivation they need. It’s possible Greg Gard is taking it to the extreme with this and blocks anybody who says nice things about his coaching ability. That way his timeline is strictly filled with people who hate him. The ultimate motivation.

He’s threatened by me

I wrote this very eloquent piece while I was in college trying to get my name into the conversation to be the next Wisconsin basketball head coach. Greg Gard ultimately became Bo Ryan’s successor, but it’s fair to wonder if he’s still looking over his shoulder with the potential of me snatching his job away from him.

Twitter sarcasm gone wrong

I’ve identified this as the most likely scenario. If you follow me on Twitter like you should be, you’ll know I get a little loose with the Twitter sarcasm from time to time. Below is a series of obviously sarcastic tweets that I’m guessing Greg Gard didn’t quite understand, which led to the blockage.

Regardless of our differences and whether you decide to unblock me or not, I still love you Greg Gard.