Best names of the NCAA Tournament

First Team All-Name

I’m a big name guy. I love a good name. Sometimes the first name is good, sometimes it’s the last name, but sometimes you just get that perfect combination for a fantastic name, and I live for moments like that.

The creativity of parents across the country and across the globe has increased dramatically in recent years, and this is a better world for it.

Sometimes getting weird with your child’s name can be necessary. My last name is Buchinger, so I don’t have to worry about too many Erik Buchingers when I Google myself every day, but that is not the case for anyone with popular last names such as Smith or Johnson.

If my last name was either of those two, I’d spend the majority of my life thinking of the best first name possible for my future offspring.

If your last name is Smith, and you get a common first name, it might mean your parents do not like you. You might not have realize this, but with that decision, your parents made Googling yourself almost impossible and you will not stand out in any way the rest of your life. You are starting life at a disadvantage.

For those of you with a unique last name, you hit the jackpot. You’ve been born into luxury, and it should be smooth sailing for you the rest of your life, especially if that last name is absolutely hilarious.

College sports parents do one heck of a job of naming their children. Over the next few weeks, you will be seeing some of the most creative names this country has to offer during this March Madness season.

I am jealous of everybody that was selected to the First Team All-Name: NCAA Tournament Edition.

First Team

Goodnews Kpegeol - Kansas State
Shizz Alston Jr. - Temple
Leaky Black - North Carolina
Trevelin Queen - New Mexico State
Tacko Fall - UCF

Second Team

Dajour Dickens - Old Dominion
Bol Bol - Oregon
Seventh Woods - North Carolina
LaQuill Hardnett - Cincinnati
Koch Bar - Bradley

Honorable Mention

Killian Tillie - Gonzaga
Admiral Schofield - Tennessee
Giambattista Davis - Buffalo
Max Hazzard - UC-Irvine
Donovan Theme-Love - Wofford

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