Final Four gambling picks

Why turn down free money?

We had a hot Sweet 16 giving us a fine start to March Madness betting, but then the Elite Eight happened, stealing every dollar in sight. Doubt started to creep in my mind, which will happen after putting out an 0-5 performance.

As awesome as the Elite Eight was from an actual games standpoint, it sure took a toll on the gambling picks. Not one cover. Embarrassing. Embarrassing on all counts.

We stand at 14-16 heading into the weekend, but we’re going to get back to .500 with a pair of Final Four gambling picks before cashing in big on Monday night’s national title game.

Let’s get back to being rich.

Auburn/Virginia OVER 130

I bet three unders during the Elite Eight. All three of those games went over. Auburn plays fast enough to get Virginia moving just like we saw in the Cavaliers’ win over Purdue. Virginia basketball has never looked so exciting, and Auburn is a much quicker team that Purdue in pace. Both teams will reach the 70s and if you’re doing the math, Auburn fans, 70 + 70 = 140. And 140 is a bigger number than 130. Take the over.

Michigan State -3 vs. Texas Tech

It’s Michigan State vs. Texas Tech in basketball. Nothing else needs to be said. Sure this Chris Beard guy might turn out to be one of the best coaches in the sport soon, but the best college basketball playing this weekend is Cassius Winston, who has guided Michigan State to nine consecutive victories. Take Spartans minus the points.

Parlay Party

I am confident Virginia and Michigan State will be meeting up in the national championship game. Take them both on the moneyline, throw it into a parlay and be glad you made that decision.

Close out your Final Four weekend with a few easy covers, spend the money recklessly because you’re going to get it all back and then some with our national title game gambling picks anyways.

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