Kyler Murray: NFL or MLB? Neither

Think of the children

Should Kyler Murray play quarterback in the NFL or should he play outfield in the MLB? It’s the big debate the sports world will be talking about over the next few months.

Murray could potentially be a first round NFL Draft pick, or he could start a professional baseball career in the minor leagues this spring playing for the Oakland Athletics, which drafted him with its first-round pick in the MLB Draft.

These are the only two options discussed when sports media folks angrily debate what profession a 21-year-old should do to earn a living, but are we leaving out the obvious choice?

For one thing, he’s far too talented and it makes me uncomfortable, which is why he did not get MY Heisman vote in December. A first round MLB Draft pick AND a Heisman Trophy winner? How is that supposed to make the rest of us feel?

Not only that, but Murray has a chance to make this great country a much better place for our next generation. All eyes are on Murray over the next few months as he contemplates his decision. People of all ages are curious to see what he will choose, including our youth.

Murray has the look and plays like an absolute star. He was the most exciting player to watch this college football season, and kids adore him.

For these reasons, Murray should bypass professional athletics and enter the human relations field, which he has been studying at Oklahoma University. He needs to give up on the athletic career and focus on his major. He didn’t major in baseball, did he? What about football? No? Okay then, the choice is clear.

Playing quarterback at a Heisman level in the South should guarantee any job you’d like. You think any company in Oklahoma would hire somebody else over Kyler Murray after all the joy he brought them this fall? I don’t think so. I could even see him walking into a random office in Norman and announce he is the new human relations representative for the company. Whoever had been in that position previously would gather their things and walk out the door, and Murray would get to work.

Murray would be really good at this job and be an asset for any business. Murray proved sound decision making with 45 touchdowns and just seven interceptions in two years with the Sooners. Also, if he is hiring a potential employee and they become nervous talking to a famous person, I know I wouldn’t want that person working for my company. Immediate red flag that could only be discovered by Kyler Murray.

To do some research for this article, I went out in the field and did some hard-hitting reporting by asking somebody I am very close with, who has been working in human relations for years now, what they thought of Kyler Murray as a potential HR rep.

After days of constantly barraging this person, numbering hundreds of text messages, I finally got the response of “WTF? Who is Kyler Murray? And I thought I had your phone # blocked? Text me again and I’ll file another restraining order!!”

So I didn’t exactly get the answer I was hoping for, but this person seems to be pretty happy with their life.

The decision should be made between top-ranked HR departments like those at and Delta Air Lines, and NOT between NFL and MLB.

Do you really want to play professional sports, make millions of dollars, proving the term “student-athlete” is a sham by wasting professors’ valuable time? Or do you want to make a difference and choose education over glory and fame for the good of the kids of America?

The choice is yours, Kyler. Our country’s future depends on it.

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