Anyone who looks at the website, follows on social media, listens to the podcast or watches the live videos is automatically a legend in the Deceptive Speed world. The criteria are pretty strict, but if the Big Ten has taught us anything, every legend needs a leader. Your leader is Erik Buchinger.

Erik Buchinger

Born and raised in Big Ten country, this high-motor guy strives to get the most out of his (very limited) ability every single day from the Deceptive Speed command center in Appleton, Wisconsin.

A true defender of the B1G’s honor, I spent the first 25 years of life mostly daydreaming about the game of pigskin in its most beautiful form - run the ball, play good defense, punt from the opponent’s 35-yard line, throw a couple picks and win 14-10. And on the hardwood, is there anything more erotic than a nice crisp chest pass, sound fundamentals, layups and some hard-nosed man-to-man defense? Keep the score in the 50s and get that zone out of my face.

My life reached its peak earlier than expected when I was among the Wisconsin student section to witness Ben Brust swish a half-court shot, followed by a storming of the court after a big win over Michigan (Bad Boy Alert: I wasn’t even a student. Waaaaay too stupid to enroll in Madison).

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Sean Maloney

Hey Everybody. My name is Sean Maloney, and I’m from the wonderful city of Beloit, Wisconsin. I graduated from UW Oshkosh after a Stifler-length tenure (five and half years to be exact). I majored in Radio/TV/Film and minored in Journalism.

Growing up people always told me that I had a face for radio so I figured I’d put it to use. I currently work for NRG Media as an on-air personality and hope to one day simply make a living talking about sports. I’ll mostly be podcasting for Deceptive Speed, but I’m sure I’ll do some writing as well. As long as Erik is okay editing all my pieces seeing as my AP knowledge disappeared the second I was no longer being taught by the fine journalism department at UWO.

Hope everyone enjoys what we’re going to bring to you guys. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @ItsSeanMaloney.

Austin Walther

It’s always been about Wisconsin sports for this guy right here. Born and raised in the center of the state, I now currently have found a home in the Fox Valley area, there’s always something to write about when it comes to the greatest conference in the country.

I would rather watch ground and pound football than light up the scoreboard for 100 combined points. I recently watched an Iron Bowl down in Alabama. It was great and all, but I witnessed no fights, so the SEC is all talk. Ohio State and Wisconsin deserved to be in the playoffs over Alabama and Georgia.

When it comes to basketball, I will argue with all the college basketball dudes on Twitter that defense is better than offense. I don’t want to watch your games in the 80s when the best basketball comes from the Midwest where the first team to 60 points wins. I will also predict the bracket from week to week and will more than likely try and keep as many Big Ten teams on the bubble as long as possible.

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