Is Bret Bielema the GOAT?

It’s time to ask the question

We are one week away from the Super Bowl, and the storylines are heating up as we get closer and closer to the big game. Is this going to be it for Tom Brady? Is Gronk’s career over? Are the Rams about to start the next great sports dynasty? Is Sean McVay the sexiest man alive?

Those topics are all fine and dandy and worthy of discussion, but a theory that might slip by the Super Bowl coverage needs to be considered.

Bret Bielema might just be the greatest coach of all time.

“Woah, what? Are you crazy?” “You’re so dumb.” “I hate you.”

Those quotes have nothing to do with this story, but that’s what random people said to me today on my weekly Sunday morning walk. Neighbors, am I right?

Anyways, let’s get back on track. First off, I am proud to be a Bret Bielema guy. A lot of Wisconsin fans may not be and same with Arkansas fans, but I will always be on the front lines of Team Bielema swatting the haters away.

I love when he calls out other coaches, I love when he describes winning football games “erotic” and most of all, I love his belly. Bielema is a fun guy, and college football is a fun sport.

But recently we lost him from the college football world in 2017, being fired as he walked off the field after the final game of the season. Brutal treatment of a legendary coach in a situation that does not get talked about enough.

Surely the Razorbacks would be better after firing their head coach, right? Arkansas finished its first post-Bielema season 2-10, the worst record in program history, with wins over Eastern Illinois and Tulsa.

Remember when he used to coach Wisconsin and led the Badgers to three consecutive Rose Bowls? Wisconsin barely survived the Gary Andersen era and a few years later in 2018, and the Badgers are the most disappointing team in the country.

What is does he have to do with Sunday’s big game, you might ask? Well, this season he guided the New England Patriots to the Super Bowl as the consultant to the head coach. That’s right. The so-called “greatest coach of all time” Bill Belichick needs Bielema on the staff to ensure the Patriots championship factory operates flawlessly.

When the greatest of all time leans on you for advice, what does that make you?

It makes you the greatest football coach of all time.

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