Sizzlin’ Hot Picks Against the Spread


The 2022 edition of Sizzlin’ Hot Picks Against the Spread has been underwhelming with consecutive 1-2 weeks heading into Saturday’s slate of college football. We’re entering Week 2 with a 2-4 season-long record, but I’ve got a feeling a this time next Saturday, we’ll be coming off a 3-0 performance with a record above .500.

Sizzlin’ Hot Picks Against the Spread

Analytics and power ratings have never been more available with the legalization of sports gambling, but I found my edge over the sportsbooks years ago when soliciting advice from dating app users resulted in 60% winners during bowl season. The pics were hot but the picks were even hotter, and we’re still looking to reclaim that magic. While I generally shy away from speaking in absolutes, but this remains the greatest sports betting + dating app collaboration in existence.

This has gone through a few different iterations where occasionally I’d compete with these picks and generally lose but we’re all on the same team this season in an era where we need to be united more than ever. As much as she would probably love to shout from the mountain tops that she matched with such a handsome man like myself on any sort of dating platform, our guest pickers remain anonymous and even choose their fake name. This week’s guest picker is Beth. Picks are released on my Twitter account every Saturday morning at 10 a.m. ET.

Week 1 Guest Picker: Brittany

Record: 1-2

OREGON +16.5 vs. Georgia ❌
OHIO STATE -16 vs. Notre Dame ❌
FLORIDA +2 vs. Utah ✔

Postgame Press Conference “I have to say that I have no idea who will win because I don’t follow all these teams. I only watch the Badgers.” - Brittany

Week 0 Guest Picker: Lexxie

Record: 1-2

NORTHWESTERN +13 vs. Nebraska ✔
WYOMING +14 vs. Illinois ❌
HAWAII +9 vs. Vanderbilt ❌

Postgame Press ConferenceOh well, at least I got one 😂” - Lexxie