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If you’re one of the what I assume to be millions of people who listened to my pal Greg Peterson’s Baseball Betting Show podcast today, you understand Greenville Elementary School breeds sports media superstars because between the two of us, we combine for more than 62,000 Twitter followers with me contributing a little over 1000 to that total. If you listened further, you heard the announcement of Monday’s debut of The Gunslinger Buzz, a college football website and newsletter focused on the quarterback position.

The Gunslinger Buzz is a Substack site and if you’re unfamiliar with Substack, articles are emailed directly to your inbox after you subscribe and in this case, they will remain on the website.

What’s in the newsletter?

Subscribers receive a roundup every morning featuring quick-hitter analysis on the previous day’s news and rumors covering the transfer portal, recruiting, starting QB battles, injuries, NFL Draft decisions, opt outs and more. If you cannot wait for the morning email, publishes instant analysis throughout the day whenever news breaks.

Plans are in motion for more content including Q&As with past, present and future college football quarterbacks in addition to other projects that will be released in the coming months.

Why subscribe?

You love quarterbacks and because I love you, nobody covers the position you love to read about this extensively. I put some resources together to ensure I miss nothing when it comes to the latest FBS quarterback news from Alabama to UMass. My apologies to the Minutemen readers.

The lightbulb moment came when I realized I could not click the Caleb-Williams-to-Wisconsin articles fast enough this offseason. Of course that didn’t happen because I can never be happy, but college football lives on unrealistic expectations.

I knew I wasn’t alone in doing this and knowing there is such a high demand, I created a central location for news and rumors specifically focused on the most important position in the sport. The only promotion of this I’ve done so far is through pages on this website, and the subscriber list continues to grow by the day.

College football has become difficult to keep track of with the increased volume of player movement as nearly 200 FBS quarterbacks entered the transfer portal this offseason, and 115 of 131 teams either added or lost a transfer QB in this offseason alone. The sport still has an unregulated injury report system during the season, but The Gunslinger Buzz will be all over the latest injury news.

How much does this cost?

The Gunslinger Buzz content is 100% free for subscribers, but subscriptions are very important in this growing, so please consider signing up.

What if I have more questions?

For news tips, feedback, questions or comments, email and my @DeceptiveSpeed Twitter DMs are open.

I’m ready to subscribe. How do I do that?

Enter your email and click the Subscribe button for full access to The Gunslinger Buzz content. Sign up to become a smarter college football fan.


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