Bracketology 2/26/19

March is almost here

I missed my Friday Bracketology. I apologize. That shouldn’t happen again. I have four days off this week, which will help me catch up on things. There were some exciting matchups this past week. Two games featured teams that are basically locks to get one of the top two seeds. There is such a huge separation between those eight teams and the rest. Kansas had a chance of moving in on a two seed because of all their top-50 wins. But they got blasted by Texas Tech.

The Red Raiders along with Purdue have been consistently in the top 10 for metrics for a few weeks now. If you want a fourth team, Marquette is another that could sneak in as one of the top two seeds. Houston is there too I guess because they could get into the NCAA Tournament with just one loss. As for number one seeds, Gonzaga, Duke and Virginia are almost locks. There’s a long debate on who the fourth should be.

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1. Duke
16. Iona/PVAM

8. Oklahoma
9. Wofford

5. LSU
12. Lipscomb

4. Wisconsin
13. Vermont

6, Kansas State
11. Butler

3. Houston
14. Yale

7. Villanova
10. Syracuse

2. Michigan State
15. Montana


1. Gonzaga
16. St. Francis PA/Norfolk State

8. TCU
9. Washington

5. Louisville
12. Nebraska/Alabama

4. Maryland
13. New Mexico State

6. Florida State
11. Utah State

3. Texas Tech
14. Hofstra

7. Nevada
10. VCU

2. Michigan
15. Radford


1. Virginia
16. Sam Houston

8. Texas
9. Ole Miss

5. Mississippi State
12. Temple/Minnesota

4. Kansas
13. Old Dominion

6. Iowa
11. UCF

3. Marquette
14. Texas State

7. Cincinnati
10. Ohio State

2. Tennessee
15. Wright State


1. Kentucky
16. Bucknell

8. Baylor
9. NC State

5. Virginia Tech
12. Belmont

4. Iowa State
13. UC Irvine

3. Purdue
14. South Dakota State

7. Buffalo
10. Florida

2. North Carolina
15. Loyola-Chicago

Last four byes

St. John’s
Utah State

Last four in


First four out

Seton Hall
Saint Mary’s

Next out

Arizona State
San Francisco
Murray State

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