College Football Gambling Picks: Week 8

How good are your friends? People say all the time, “Oh, I’d take a bullet for you,” or “I’d do anything for you.” How far does “anything for you” go? Does it mean spending 20 years in prison to save your friend a few dollars?

In the ultimate fall guy move that would make Cris Carter proud, an Alabama freshman called in a bomb threat to the LSU-Florida game to get it canceled and save his friend from losing a large bet.

Two months into his college career, this young man is now facing felony charges but was able to post $100,000 bail. He is facing 20 years in prison if convicted.

Pretty crazy right? But the worst part of this story is his friend likely ENDED UP WINNING THE BET! Based on when the time the call was sent in, it’s likely his buddy had LSU to cover -13 if he was picking a side, and the Tigers ended up scoring late in the fourth quarter for the 14-point win. What a moment in sports betting history.

Deceptive Speed is anti-the bomb threat. We always have been and always will be, but this opens up so many different possibilities as gambling becomes more and more prevalent. Feelin’ a bad beat coming? Turn the lights out at the stadium. Over not gonna hit? Maybe “accidentally” knock over the sideline heater to start a small fire. The possibilities are endless.

Get creative this weekend kids, and remember who your real friends are.

Anyways, here are some winners for Saturday.

Florida -6 @ South Carolina

We start out the weekend with a 14-point game with a six-point spread. Florida is coming off its first loss of the season and will be ready to rock while South Carolina is feeling itself after the shocker of the college football season so far. The Cocks cannot rely on four takeaways every week, and Dan Mullen is a top-five coach in college football. Yeah, I said it. Go Gators.

Iowa/Purdue UNDER 48

In games against Power 5 opponents, Iowa games have had point totals of 30, 35, 13, 29. Purdue is starting a backup quarterback without Rondale Moore. This total should be in the 30s. The under 48 is stealing, but luckily I’m a bad boy. Steal away.

Houston -22 @ UConn

Houston is coming off a home loss to Cincinnati, but a game against college football’s worst will straighten things out. UConn is bordering on being a FBS team and with the country having that knowledge, the Huskies still cannot cover spreads. Just 2-6 against the spread in its past eight games. Need more reasons to acknowledge the UConn suckiness? 35, 35, 26, 42. These are the point differentials in their last four games. Four games. Four ass kickins. Go Cougs.

Central Michigan -11 @ Bowling Green

A week after Notre Dame covered the 55-point spread against Bowling Green, the fightin’ Falcons went out and beat a good Toledo team. The hell? Back to reality for a team that gave up 62 to Kent State this season. All over the Chippewas.

Oregon/Washington UNDER 50.5

Don’t tell anybody, but Oregon has a defense. It’s the best-kept secret in college football and the gambling world is starting to catch on, but I still like the Ducks under here. Oregon unders have cashed in eight of its last nine games. Since the Auburn game on the opening weekend, Oregon has allowed one touchdown and given up 6, 3, 6, 7 and 3 points in its last five games. And here’s the thing about Washington quarterback Jacob Eason: he stinks. I thin Oregon wins this game, but I’m more confident in he under.

Temple +8.5 @ SMU

Temple comes to play as underdogs in big games. My Owls have gone up against two ranked teams as dogs this season and won both games outright. Given those stats, you think Temple isn’t going to cover an 8.5-point spread against a ranked SMU? Get outta here with that. And if you do feel so inclined, toss a little on that moneyline because Temple is winning this one.

Missouri -21 at Vanderbilt

Right around this time of year you’ll find a squad or two that has a little quit in them and I’ll tell ya what - my quittin’ alerts were going off when I saw last weekend’s Vanderbilt-UNLV score. The Rebels ain’t no good, and they put a beat down on Vandy. To quote cool children, “That ain’t it, chief.” Did I use that right? I sure hope so, but there’s some quit in these Vandy boys, and Missouri is unbeaten in the SEC with an eye on winning the East.

Wake Forest -2, UNDER 68

Florida State is bad. Wake Forest is good. The Deamon Decons will win by more than two points. It’s that simple. And we’ve got Tropical Storm Nester rolling in around that time with tons of rain and high winds. Always take the under in a hurricane game. Wake and the under. Parlay that if you’d like.

Boise State -7 @ BYU

BYU is an interesting little squad. They are 2-4 with their lone wins against Tennessee and USC. Then they lost to South Florida last week. And South Florida is bad. Oh, and BYU is down to its third string quarterback. If you give me a team that lost to USF and is down two QBs and put them against the best Group of 5 team in the land, I’m gonna have to take the Broncos here even on a green field.

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