Deceptive Speed April Report

Continuing to kick ass

Deceptive Speed is rolling right now with our highest numbers coming in the last three months, and traffic on the site increases by the day. I appreciate your interest in what we do, and we have plenty of exciting projects coming in the future.

As we continue to grow, I thought I’d start to provide a monthly report to the people because we’re in this together. April was an exciting month in Deceptive Speed land, as we announced plans to expand.

We brought back a much-improved version of the Deceptive Speed Podcast with better audio and a guest on every episode. Deceptive Speed LIVE went back to a weekly show on Twitter and Facebook Live every Wednesday night.

Also, we’re now on YouTube! Subscribe to the Deceptive Speed YouTube channel.

Here’s some April stuff.

Top 5 most read articles

1. 7 crucial pieces to Hauser brothers recruitment
2. Hauser brothers could ignite massive in-state rivalry
3. Bruce Pearl’s shady past
4. Fans Fighting Fans: Cubs vs. Brewers
5. New Trousers for Hausers

Top 5 cities on Deceptive Speed

1. Chicago, Illinois
2. Madison, Wisconsin
3. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
4. Appleton, Wisconsin
5. Knoxville, Tennessee

Top 5 countries on Deceptive Speed

1. United States
2. Canada
3. India
4. Japan
5. Philippines

Most viewed Deceptive Speed LIVE show

Most downloaded Deceptive Speed Podcast

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