Fans Fighting Fans: Cubs vs. Cubs

If you find a good fan fight when you’re at a game, please record it and send it on over to Deceptive Speed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email to be on the next edition of Fans Fighting Fans. We’ll have a full breakdown and analysis of each and every fan fight we can find. Remember, nothing shows your love of a sports team quite like a punch to the face.

We head to Wrigley Field in Chicago. They call it the friendly confines, which makes sense considering all the face punching in addition to ruining a man’s life for reaching to catch a foul ball.

There was nothing friendly about what happened during this all-out melee during a Cubs game recently. Let’s have a look before breaking down the brawl in the latest edition of Fans Fighting Fans.

First of all, I am fascinated to know how this all came about. It’s tough to count, but it looks like roughly a dozen women are just tossin’ haymakers in separate areas. It’s hard to even say which side won this fight because with that many, you have no idea whose side anyone is on. As the ultimate judge of fan fights, I’m going to have to go with a draw here with a possible rematch scheduled for the future.

The next takeaway is these people need to be better fighters. If you are a person who at some point in life decides you will fight somebody in public over something that probably isn’t that big of a deal, all I ask is you put in a little effort beforehand. Just take a couple classes at the local gym to learn the basics of combat sports because this was embarrassing. All we see is uncontrollable limbs flying everywhere, and the connections are not even that impactful. Gotta be better than that.

Solid performance by the crowd here. The “Jerry” chants in unison was a beautiful performance from everybody involved.

Lastly, it’s tough to watch the struggle of the security team as they tried to break all this up. They’re getting punched, they’re getting kicked, arms are getting caught in the jackets when they’re attempting to handcuff people and it’s just a mess. In all sports, we know the low woman wins, and there is nothing more difficult than trying to stop a kick coming at you from that angle.

And the video cuts off before the handcuff is completed, so this may have gone on for a while. Who knows? One thing we do know is only one man could have stopped this fight in an all-time classic Fans Fighting Fans video.

There’s no fighting in the bleachers.

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