Is Last Chance U done?

UPDATE: We heard back from people at Netflix who said the upcoming scripted series involving Courteney Cox as one of the stars is a separate project from Last Chance U. No decision has been made regarding a fifth season of Last Chance U.


After a bit of a Deceptive Speed hiatus, I have returned. I’m a busy man doing busy man things dealing with adult stuff and just gettin’ out and about in the world enjoying the summer of 2019. Hope you’re doing the same. The only way I was going to come back before the week ended is if I felt personally attacked. That happened earlier today.

I’m not a man who asks for much. I’m a simple fella just living in a beautiful country enjoying it day by day. Like everybody, I like some things, and I don’t like some things. Let’s dive in.

Thing I like: Last Chance U. I have seen every episode of the first three seasons and get excited for it every summer leading into football season. If you’re unfamiliar, Last Chance U follows a junior college team with full access for an entire season, released as a Netflix documentary. It’s an awesome show. You get the incredible stories of some players and unfiltered emotions of absolutely insane head coaches, one of which might be going to jail in the future. We also plan to do some exciting things on Deceptive Speed with the show when it comes out next week.

Thing I don’t like: Friends. If you follow me on Twitter, you are aware of my unhealthy hatred for the show. Not that it’s the worst show ever because it isn’t, but it’s even more overrated than Michigan under Jim Harbaugh. As a child living without cable back in the day, I saw a decent amount of Friends and was aware of its lack of humor. I’m weird in that I like my comedy TV shows to make me laugh. For whatever reason, I believe I was put on this Earth to convince the masses this isn’t a good TV show. Day by day, I believe we are gaining traction.

This all leads to a tough break for ya boy here today. As I scrolled through the Twitter (which has been an absolute disaster, almost had to converse with other human beings during Twitter’s hour-long malfunction), I found a very troubling tweet that rocked me to my core.

Yep, my very favorite TV show is getting dunked on by my least favorite TV show. The Last Chance U people appear to be making the decision to switch to a scripted show with Courteney Cox, a cast member of Friends, as one of its stars playing the role of Brittany Wagner, an absolute rock star in seasons 1 and 2 of Last Chance U.

I don’t think I did anything to disrespect the good people of Last Chance U, but this seems like a direct shot at me. It’s as if they busted into my living room, punched me in the face, insulted my family, reminded me I’m a 25-year-old gray-haired obese, unattractive, single, undesirable, a truly complete pile of garba…sorry, I forgot where I was going with this.

The point is the reason people watch Last Chance U is because it’s real. These kids are going through it all to pursue their football dreams, grinding it out each day to better the lives of themselves and their families. The people who put the show together do an incredible job finding the best stories that bring the viewer in. With the incredible storylines that come out of each season, there is no need to script something that is so much better unscripted.

It is possible this scripted version is in addition to the classic, real thing we’ve seen the past few years, but I don’t think that’s the case. After an extensive search, I have seen nowhere that even hints at where season 5 of the show would be filmed. These are shot a year in advance and with college football training camps opening in a few weeks, word certainly would have gotten out by now you would think. If I’m wrong and people have kept the secret, then I am an idiot who deserves to be taken down verbally, emotionally and potentially physically.

I emailed some folks about the future of the show and am waiting to hear back. Check back here for the exclusive report. And if you know things, @ImErikBuchinger is the Twitter handle, and the DMs are always open. Slide on in.

I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but if at this time next year I’m not getting ready for an incredible, unscripted version of Last Chance U but I am seeing reruns of Friends pop up on every channel, I will be a very sad fella. What’s next, is David Schwimmer going to replace Homer Simpson? Is Jennifer Aniston replacing Roseanne? Actually I think everybody would prefer that. Bad example. But we need to stop Friends from taking over the world before it’s too late.

Just do the right thing and give us the real Last Chance U.

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