Raider fans should be allowed a riot

In the final game in Oakland before heading off to Las Vegas, the team sent Raider fans off with one last double-barreled middle finger before they skipped town. They blew a 13-point lead to a team that quit on the season a long time ago.

Raider fans have every right to be upset after the game, and things got a little rowdy in the stands as they tend to do in every football game ever played in Oakland. The Black Hole is filled with beautiful people who don’t have time for your rules (more words below tweets).


In this case, there should be no rules.

Traditional laws should not apply in a city that just lost its professional sports franchise. Residents should have 24 hours to commit all the minor crimes they can commit because nobody deserves their team being stolen from them.

24 hours to get their frustration out and start the painful process of trying to move on.

Nothing crazy, though. No burning buildings. No flipping cars. No danger or injury to any person, place or thing.

So let fans who run onto the field roam free, let the beer tossers continue to beer toss, let the boos and profanity echo through the streets of Oakland.

Because the Black Hole is a beautiful thing that will never be replaced.

They will be missed.

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