Urban Meyer could be next Redskins coach

Ever since Urban Meyer announced his latest retirement, sports media made it almost a foregone conclusion he’d be the guy at USC. It all made sense as a perfect fit for everybody involved except for maybe his health, but that’s not what football coaches worry about.

Well USC said they’re holding on to Clay Helton. Instead of spending another football season on TV chattin’ college pigskin and waiting another year for Helton to ultimately get canned, Meyer could be the next head coach of the Washington Redskins (I apologize for the language).

On Sunday, Meyer was spotted at FedEx Field with Washington’s owner governor (oops, my apologies to the NBA) Dan Snyder.

With reports of Meyer being too toxic to hire for colleges after some bad stuff went down in his previous stops, it’s possible Meyer has his sights on the NFL and this could not be working out more perfectly for him.

A potential bidding war between Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones?

Not a bad spot to be in.

Also, does Urban Meyer have a retirement party every time he retires? It’s a genius move and something I might consider. I could definitely see selling thoughtful gifts from loved ones to pay off college football gambling debts.

It’s “things could happen” season, folks. As a blogger with a blog hoping to blog better than the next blogger with a blog, this is where we shine.

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