Rex Chapman: Best Twitter follow

Block or Charge?

Block or charge? That is the question Rex Chapman is looking to be answered. If you are on this fancy social media app/website called, you are probably familiar with Rex Chapman. He posts videos of people just getting absolutely destroyed, then tweets it with the simple question. Block or charge? with a ton of emojis.

As a spoiled and entitled millennial who does not appreciate what came before him, I knew very little of Chapman until he came to my attention on the Twitter scene, now up to 143,000 followers. All I knew is he used to play basketball and I’m pretty sure he got arrested for stealing something a few years ago.

But that’s in the past. This is a new Rex Chapman, and every time he posts something on Twitter, I get excited and brace myself for the hilarity that will ensure with some guy about to get hammered by something.

There is rarely a miss on how funny these videos are. Either he has a solid vetting process not to post every single thing that gets sent in or the people who submit these videos always send absolute gold.

I am generally opposed to doing research for my articles, so I have no idea when or how this started, but it’s awesome. In an age where there is so much yelling and arguing on social media about everything, sometimes it’s fun to sit back and watch some guy get absolutely wrecked. We’re such simple creatures.

I scrolled through the @RexChapman Twitter account and compiled a list of favorites. Answer the question for each one. Block or charge?

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