Hauser brothers update: Bad news all around

Message boards gone wild

If you believe the latest gossip from the message board galaxy, the Hauser brothers are not coming to Wisconsin. We’ve been all over the Sam and Joey Hauser story from the beginning with the New Trousers for Hausers campaign to claiming the Hausers to Wisconsin is “basically a done deal” and everything in between.

But how much can ya trust the message boards? As the most trusted news source in college athletics, we here at Deceptive Speed battle that question every once in a while. A lot of message board folks consist of your average diehard fan who wants to chat about their favorite team and the state of the program. But what would stop somebody to set up an account and bring up some nonsense to get everybody riled up?

It’s incredible message boards are still as active as they are considering we live in the social media age, but they can be quite an entertaining ride. Whenever I come across a forum, I black out and dive into this underground world filled with sports fans saying wild things about wild stuff. It can get addicting especially when I’m the target of some of the internet hate.

If you want to check out all the message board chatter, I have seen the forums on Buckyville and 247Sports, and things are certainly not promising for Badger fans.

Here’s the scoop according to some of the message board gossip. Choose to believe what you will. Sam and Joey Hauser verbally committed to Wisconsin last week. Then the mother persuaded them against playing for the Badgers. Sam is going to Virginia, Joey is going to Michigan State.

Why did Mother Hauser not want them to play for Wisconsin? We don’t know. Did that even happen? We also don’t know. Did somebody make that up? Probably.

The validity of message board talk can be up for debate, but it’s been an absolute nightmare in the Twitter DMs with information I did not want to read as a Wisconsin fan with people claiming they heard straight from the source.

I’m choosing not to believe those people, but my DMs are open on Twitter if you’d like to relay or make up some good news. Doesn’t have to be true necessarily, but just something that might give me a glimmer of hope. That’s all I ask.

Brace yourselves, fellow Badger fans. Some bad news can come at any moment now. No matter what happens, we’re in this together and just keep reminding yourself Marquette just lost two of its top three players, and the Golden Eagles have not won a NCAA Tournament game since 2013.

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