Marquette fans bring the hate

Time to fire back

What a wild 24 hours it’s been. Yesterday, I posted a story saying the Hausers to Wisconsin is basically a done deal, news I heard from a variety of sources. Just some good, clean impartial journalism. What followed next was complete mayhem.

The media is under fire more and more by the day, and I experienced that first hand being bullied online by a swarm of Marquette fans on the message board site MU Scoop. It’s understandable Marquette nation would get upset. I’d be annoyed too if I continued to get dominated by big brother.

I have this thing set up where I can find where the clicks are coming from to my website, and sometimes I uncover some wild, nasty and crazy shit in the message board game. I am not a message board user myself, but I might have to check ’em out at some point in the near future because there are some takes out there that are in need of my attention.

In my latest forum adventure, I witnessed a bunch of dudes discussing the love life of two college students they do not know in an incredibly serious fashion. May be weird in real life, but not so in message board land.

In addition to that, Marquette fans brought the hate to ya boy and our brand as a whole. The internet is not for the weak, so after a full day of taking the slings and arrows, it’s time to fire back. The First Amendment is alive and well here at Deceptive Speed.

Let’s go through the mean comments one-by-one. This will be better online because my therapist gets paid by the hour, so this should save me some money. You can find the full forum discussion here, but I took out some of the best ones and highlighted those comments in bold.

“Nothing credible about it, but I still think they are right.” - KampusFoods

KampusFoods announced Deceptive Speed is not credible, but he/she (I’m kidding, it’s a college sports message board. Of course it’s a he) believes everything we said. Wild take from KampusFoods to kick things off.

“Lol this is complete garbage.” - Tha Hound

Off the top rope for Tha Hound here. A direct shot across the bow toward Deceptive Speed and journalism as a whole. Total lack of respect.

“The source of this rumor is a homer? Well then.” - #UnleashCain

You mean the person who started a college sports website has a favorite team? And he sometimes writes about them? Disgusting. Bad comment, #UnleashCain. You’re better than this.

“No one has ever heard of, why not pretend to have inside sources and try to get some page views. If it works out, some people might think you were a legit insider. If it doesn’t work out, who cares, no one ever visited your site anyway.” - breadtree

Damn. This was the big one. breadtree came out firing here, and thiiiis one cut deep. Still in recovery mode and will be for a while. I’m just a simple fella trying to entertain the nation with the greatest college sports coverage on the internet, waking up early and staying up late churning out content for this website. Not trying to hurt anyone, but then breadtree rolls in with absolute DAGGERS. I don’t know how other legit insiders like myself deal with things like this on a daily basis. But we didn’t choose the breaking news life, the breaking news life chose us.

“I truly hope this is the dumbest thing I read on the internet today.” - PistolPete

I am still waiting on an update from PistolPete because this comment came in at 11:18 a.m. Depending on what he read the rest of the day, I am curious whether he did indeed find something dumber. Hopefully not for his sake.

“LOL Exactly…Worst piece of “breaking news” I have ever seen. Interestingly enough, they “break” it on the day they are visiting Virginia. Coincidence, I think not.” - muguru

If you look hard enough, you can find far worse “breaking news” out there, muguru. I’m new to the breaking news game and am about to be 1-for-1 in the near future. And as for “breaking” it on the day the Hausers visited Virginia, I could have written this story at any point this week, but I’m a busy fella with things to do. You think I’m going to miss an all-new episode of The Simpsons, the hottest TV show on Sunday nights, and instead break the Hauser news? Think again.

“#donedeal.” - Coleman

Smartest comment out there on MU Scoop. Plain and simple. Thank you for your support, Coleman.

“My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw the Hauser brothers back home in Stevens Point wearing red shirts last night. I guess it’s pretty serious” - Billy Hoyle

Got a second source on that one, Billy? Until then, I’m remain unconvinced regarding the shirt color situation. Sloppy journalism on your part. Sloppy at best.

That’ll do it. Comments continue to flood in, but we’ve got to cut it off at some point.

I’m a little surprised things did not get all that personal, but perhaps that’s because they don’t know much about me. Here’s some ammo for the next fan base that needs it. Please share.

I am 25 years old and still within the first year of moving out of my parents’ basement. I am single. I’m nearing a decade with gray hair on my head. I’m a bit overweight. I am not that intelligent. My athleticism is non-existent. Any of this could have been used, and I’m disappointed MU Scoop used none of it.

Just like I said right after the Hausers announced their transfer, this will create so much hate in the Wisconsin-Marquette rivalry, and I am absolutely here for it because rivalries make sports awesome. The hate, the love, the passion. All good stuff.

It’s about to be an awesome few years of college basketball in the state, and Deceptive Speed will be here every step of the way.

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