Donald Trump fast food dinner returns

Much-needed improvements

The Baylor women’s basketball team visited Donald Trump at The White House recently. What was for dinner? You guessed it. The national champions were served with Big Macs and other fast food goodness.

Originally I thought this was the first team to visit the White House since the government shutdown, but North Dakota State made the stop in March after winning the FCS title. This completely missed the Deceptive Speed news desk, so we apologize for that.

The Bison were served fast food too, so this is certainly precedent-setting. The first White House fast food meal came for Clemson, using the government shutdown as the excuse, but now this appears to be a new trend.

Baylor certainly got a good deal here with some much-needed improvements. There lack of variety in the Clemson meal, and it left me disgusted with our nation’s capital. The original meal contained McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s. Three places that specialize in burgers and fries. Embarrassing.

Apparently Donald Trump is a reader of Deceptive Speed, and I appreciate that Mr. President. Would love to have ya on the podcast sometime. We wrote about the meal served to Dabo Swinney and friends and recommended an adjustment.

It’s not a perfect spread by any means, but Chik-fil-A was added to the menu. However, the three burger places remained. Gotta pick one and move on. And Taco Bell not being part of this is absolutely criminal, and the office should be criticized to the highest level.

We’re not talking politics here because you don’t care what I think, and I don’t care what you think. Get your political outrage elsewhere. I’m of the opinion if you get to meet with the President of the United States, you take it and you devour whatever meal is in front of you. But cmon, Don.

We’re heading in the right direction, but the next team that visits The White House should provide the variety these champions deserve.

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