Cubs fan banned for circle game or racism?

So many questions

The Chicago Cubs recently banned a fella from Wrigley Field for life after making the circle gesture behind Doug Glanville during a TV broadcast. Anybody who has ever attended middle school or high school the past 30 years understands this as the circle game. Certainly the guys know this game. Girls are generally not as dumb as us.

The premise is simple and stupid. Make circle with your thumb and pointer finger with the last three fingers up and put it below your waist. If somebody looks down at it, you have the right to punch them in the shoulder. This game takes a significant amount of intelligence as you can tell.

But apparently over the last few years, this became a racist thing. After doing the 30 seconds of research I do for every article on this site, the short story is a group of people decided to create a hoax and mock the outrage culture by saying the circle gesture represents white power, and some major media outlets were fooled by it thinking this was a real thing.

The Cubs said they investigated the situation and decided the fan should not be allowed at a home game ever again. We have no idea what the investigation was. We have no idea what the fan’s motive was. A tweet from ESPN’s Will Cain said the Cubs acted without evidence.

This was the same day Cubs shortstop Addison Russell returned to the team after a 40-game suspension for domestic violence. If this is a quick misdirection play from the Cubs trying to take attention away from that by taking it out on their own fan…yikes.

Assuming he was just playing the circle game for his buddies watching on TV at home, is this the new standard for that gesture? What about basketball players when they make the same symbol after making a three-point shot? Is this an example of white power? What if somebody wants to use that gesture to say something is A-OK? Racist?

Every male high school student of all races the last few decades - if they played this game, are they all white supremacists too?

On the other side, if so many people are going to brand this guy a racist, why would he not speak out about it and defend himself? Seems strange that he has not if he did nothing wrong. This whole situation doesn’t make sense.

Also, what does being banned from a baseball stadium even mean? Will every ticket taker have a photo of this guy? I’m sure there are a few others banned from Wrigley Field over the years that nobody knows about. Maybe Bartman? Nobody has seen him in a while.

Regardless, if somehow the Cubs proved he behaved like an idiot, good. Ban him for life if you’d like. If not, please allow the man to punch his friends in peace and leave our juvenile games alone.

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