SOURCES: Hauser brothers to Wisconsin ‘basically a done deal’


We have been all over the Hauser brothers transfer story from the beginning. We broke down what this could mean for the Wisconsin-Marquette rivalry. We wrote about the most important people, places and things to get Sam and Joey Hauser to Wisconsin and why Michigan State is not a good fit.

Most importantly, I offered up my sacrificial pants in the New Trousers for Hausers campaign, which appears to be a success.

Now, Deceptive Speed is entering the news breaking game.

A source inside the Wisconsin basketball program told somebody who told somebody who told Deceptive Speed the Hausers signing with the Badgers is “basically a done deal.”

If I learned anything in journalism school, it’s that one source will not cut it. But then we received an additional tip from somebody outside the program who runs in the same circles as the Hausers. This person called them landing with Wisconsin “almost a lock.”

Not only that, recently a drunk relative of mine with no connection to any of this told me he thinks the Hauser brothers will go to Wisconsin.

Boom. Three sources. This is journalism in its purest form.

In all seriousness this is very much a real thing, and Badger fans have to be incredibly excited. What a massive recruiting victory for Wisconsin and Greg Gard.

The Hausers are still expected to visit Virginia and Michigan State within the next week, but why not visit college campuses for free? If I was them, I’d tour even more of the country while I had the chance.

Besides, I visited East Lansing last weekend when I thought the Hausers would be in town, and some of the things I saw were troubling.

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