College Football Top 11: Week 10

1. LSU

Not a whole lot happened for LSU, and that’ll be the theme of the college football top 11 with the best of the best taking the week off. I’m fascinated to find out what Coach Eaux does during the bye week. Probably just recruiting, but I like to think whatever he did involves an alligator, a wrestling mat and a rope. I’m not sure what that even means, but I feel like he would find a way to make a good time out of that combination. Whatever happened, Ed Orgeron is ready for Nick Saban.

2. Ohio State

I believe the Ohio State bye week was spent cleaning up the body parts after the second half murder of Wisconsin last weekend. That probably took a while, so it remains to be seen whether the Buckeyes are going to be well rested heading into their next couple of games against Maryland and Rutg… okay, they’ll be fine.

3. Penn State

Did you hear the news earlier this week that Jerry Sandusky might have misbehaved? If they were smart, Penn State administration would have spent the bye week trying to get every player to switch their major to public relations so they can help the university move further and further away from the Sandusky era.

4. Georgia

This isn’t a very exciting Georgia team, but these boys run the daggum footbaw and keep doing that even when it isn’t working. The Bulldogs got the W in America’s Biggest Tailgate In Which Alcoholic Beverages Are Served. That’s what it’s called, right? I cannot put my finger on it, but there seems to be somethin’ missing with Georgia. I jumped Georgia into the last slot of my College Football Playoff, but I’m going to need a little more sizzle from these guys to make me more confident in this ranking.

5. Alabama

Yep, another bye week. Rumor has it over the past week a Tide fan chopped off the ankle of a University of Alabama track star in an attempted transplant situation for Tua Tagovailoa, who is a game-time decision. While the track squad is disappointed, the university decided to look the other way in what would be a revolutionary moment in the medical field.

Also, Tuscaloosa, Alabama continues to be the place to go for coaches in recovery as Butch Jones interviewed for Rutgers, the only vacant head coaching position in college football. Nick Saban should be looking to eliminate bye weeks so his assistants have less free time to interview for other jobs.

6. Clemson

This may as well have been a bye week in a game against Wofford. FBS vs. FCS in November should be illegal. But regardless, Clemson might be in trouble with any loss it has with how bad its schedule is.

7. Oregon

What a weird game, especially in the first half. Dudes were getting ejected, penalties everywhere. It was 10-7 with 2:37 left in the second quarter and halftime, Oregon led 28-17. Twenty-eight points in 2 minutes, 36 seconds. Yes, I had the under in this game and am very bitter about it. It seemed like it would be either Oregon or Utah to be the top 10 team to lose to an unranked opponent, which has happened each of the last three weeks. Neither did. Both have one loss. Both can likely win out and make the College Football Playoff. Lastly, I was very worried for The Duck going into this one, but he appears to have left the Coliseum unscathed.

8. Utah

These are my boys. I will be writing more about my new favorite team later this week, but this was a damn good victory for my Utes. When Zack Moss has the ball in his hands, I watch. Remember when Utah lost to USC, which was down to its fourth quarterback? What the hell was that? I’m not mad about that in hindsight, but very disappointed. Go Utes!

9. Oklahoma

Bye week. I would assume Lincoln Riley spent the week breaking down NFC East game film for when he coaches the Dallas Cowboys in 2020. Never too early to be prepared. He either did that or bribed Clemson University to let Trevor Lawrence graduate early. Always looking for that next grad transfer.

10. Auburn

It was even, then Auburn took control, then it got somewhat close, then Auburn survived Ole Miss. Certainly not the Tigers’ best performance, but they won. Auburn’s postseason hopes are quite small at this point, but hey that resume is pretty dang good, which keeps them in the college football top 11 for another week.

11. Florida

Well, that’ll just about do it for Florida’s potential postseason opportunities after a loss to Georgia. The Gators’ lone two losses are at LSU and at a neutral site against Georgia, and they had chances to win both. Sometimes football ain’t fair.

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