Minnesota football fan wants me dead

If you recall, I’m the guy who declared Minnesota football as the worst 6-0 team in the history of organized athletics. Then I did the same thing when they were 7-0 and same with 8-0.

But now they’re 9-0 and just beat Penn State.

I considered just rolling with it and just completely trolling the Gopher faithful all the way to an undefeated regular season, but I’m a man of integrity. A man of honor. Somebody willing to admit when they are wrong.

Last week I said there are 40 teams in college football better than Minnesota but after Saturday’s win at Penn State, I made the argument Minnesota has the fourth best resume in college football and should be #4 in the latest rankings update.

I was wrong. Their quarterback is awesome. Their receivers are awesome. Their head coach is awesome. Minnesota football is awesome.

Shortly after the ballgame as I begged family for a loan since I lost all my money betting Penn State, I received a solid amount of hate from the Minnesota faithful. Gopher fans brought the noise, and it was well deserved.

And one even said I should no longer be living. Because I thought Minnesota football would lose a football game. Sports are awesome.

A Twitter direct message came in to the Deceptive Speed inbox from an account titled MN Sports. A pleased reader from the Deceptive Speed community I presume?

Not exactly.

Nothing shows your sports fandom more than what you put on your anonymous social media profile.

This Twitter user went by the handle “@mnsportsfan001” and has a Minnesota Vikings player as his profile picture. Real Minnesota sports guy.

As the message states, “Tell you writer you kill himself,” followed up with, “Fuck all y’all dumb bitches.”

Not to go against his wishes, the person who runs the Deceptive Speed Twitter account (definitely NOT me), relayed the message over to me.

Shortly thereafter this Twitter fella blocked Deceptive Speed and has since changed his Twitter handle to @ski_the_boat.

Unfortunately for him, I decided not to kill myself for thinking Penn State would beat Minnesota. Now if Wisconsin loses the axe game again in a couple weeks, maybe I’ll reconsider.

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