College Football Gambling Picks: Week 13

Well folks, I’ve given out 120 college football gambling picks and we’re dead even. 60 wins, 60 losses. With just two more weekends of college football in bulk left, we’ve got to make some plays.

It’s the stretch run of the season. This is what we spent all offseason working toward. Those two-a-days in the summer? You think that was fun for me? Of course not. This is where all that hard work pays off.

Let’s make some money this weekend, fellas.

Minnesota -13.5 @ Northwestern

What the hell is this? I don’t know who is playing quarterback for Minnesota on Saturday, but I don’t think it matters at all. Northwestern might not score in this game, and you’re favoring Minnesota by less than two touchdowns? Row, row, row your boat straight to a cover in the weirdest line of the weekend. Gophers win this one by 30.

Ohio State -18.5 vs. Penn State

Penn State just isn’t that good. I think the Nittany Lions are equal to what Wisconsin is in 2019, and Ohio State absolutely demolished the Badgers earlier this season in the exact same situation. Noon EST kickoff featuring two top-10 teams. Buckeyes blowout coming.

Michigan State -20.5 @ Rutgers

If you have any respect for yourselves, if you have any respect for the ancestors of Michigan State football and if you have any respect for your family and anything else that is deserving of respect, for the love of God Spartans get out there and beat Rutgers by 40. I know Michigan State stinks, and their coach might be out of a job soon. But it’s Rutgers. You guys can do this. It’s Rutgers, guys. It’s Rutgers.

Illinois +15.5 @ Iowa

Iowa does not like to score points. Iowa has gotten to 30 points once this season, and that was against Rutgers. And here’s the thing about Rutgers: they’re very bad at football. The Hawkeyes typically find themselves in the high teens and low 20s, which means all Illinois has to do is get to double digits. And nobody is giving my Fighting Illini any respect despite them covering their last five games. If you’re feelin’ a little frisky, maybe drop a dollar or two on that moneyline. Maybe Iowa screws around and loses this one.

USC -13 vs. UCLA

I took it to a poll from my friends on Tinder. Five of my matches went with UCLA, two went USC. Two unmatched.

After taking everything into consideration, I’m fading Tinder. This is the weirdest thing ever, but this is actually USC’s last game of the season. They have a bye week in the final regular season week. What the hell is that? USC plays for Clay Helton, and he’s going to get fired shortly after this one ends, but they send him out on a high note with one final ass kicking to UCLA.

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