Austin Walther

Hello. How are you today? Any fuel? Sorry, I work at Kwik Trip. What you need to know about me is I’ve always been a diehard Wisconsin sports fan and college basketball is my first love.

Do you have a rewards card with us? Sorry, Kwik Trip talk again. I started writing some football for Deceptive Speed when it first launched, but now I’m strictly the full-time Bracketologist. Looks like your soda is free today. Sorry, Kwik Trip again.

I began doing Bracketology for fun in college and a few years ago I found out about the Bracket Matrix and knew I had to get on there. Apparently there’s a whole world full of nerdy college basketball fans like myself.

Would you like a bag or a receipt? Sorry, that’s Kwik Trip for ya. I’m always staying up to date on college basketball news and scores. Make sure you follow me on Twitter for college hoops talk and occasionally the NFL, college football, Brewers and Bucks. See you next time.

Deceptive Speed