Jack McFarland

Jack McFarland is currently a junior at the University of Iowa studying Journalism & Mass Communication, Sports Studies. When he isn’t co-hosting his radio show “The City” on 89.7 KRUI.fm or contributing to his podcast “The City: Off-Campus,” Jack is watching other sports, bird watching or playing video games with his friends. Follow his Twitter @_jackmcfarland_ for the quintessential opinions of modern day social media.

Liam McKnight

Junior at Penn State University majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Sports Studies. Covering all things Penn State football and men’s basketball. 4 for 4 Philly sports fan. Go Birds and We Are. Twitter: @liammcknight15

Sam Teets

My name is Sam Teets, and I’m a sports communication and history double major at Clemson University. When I graduate, I want to get into sports media and hopefully begin writing for a major website or publication. For constant sports articles, polls and statistics, follow me @Sam_Teets33 on Twitter or Facebook.

Rory McGowan

Texas Tech senior who’s majoring in Advertising. Got to see Patrick Mahomes play college football and knew the kid was gonna be special when he saw him being tackled to the ground, centimeters from being sacked and some how got the ball off and out of bounds, avoiding a sack and saving the drive. Follow me on Twitter! @RoryMcGowan10

Christian Horn

I’m a journalism and sports media and communications double major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I’m from Red Oak, a small town in Southwest Iowa, and I’m the oldest of three siblings. I have a lot of memories from just watching sports, but as far as my favorite memories from live sporting events, it’s probably either the 2008 Nebraska-Colorado game in which Alex Henery nailed a 57-yard field goal to essentially win the game, or it’s attending the final College World Series game played in Rosenblatt Stadium.

Claire Frego

My name is Claire Frego, and I am a senior at the University of Dayton! I am working towards a major in Broadcasting, specifically Sports Broadcasting. I’ve always had a special place for college football in my heart. I’ve been a Notre Dame fan ever since I was young, spending many weekends singing the fight song at Notre Dame Stadium. I can’t wait to see what this fall brings and I’m excited for the content to come.

Jesus Mata

I’m a student at the University of New Mexico and my major is journalism. My favorite sports memory is going to my first NFL game to see the Dallas Cowboys play and see the stadium in person. Writing about sports is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. To keep up with the stories I write you can follow me on Twitter @JesusMataJr99.

Antoine Almaalouf

Born and raised in Central Florida. I grew up living and breathing basketball and football. Now, my passion is analyzing and reporting for the joy of others. My favorite college basketball memory is watching Kemba Walker against Johnny Flynn and UCONN going to six overtimes against Syracuse in what is arguably the best college basketball game ever. Tim Tebow running all over teams made me a true fan of college football and my passion only grew bigger from there for the college sports. My plan is to be the next Stephen A Smith, and make some serious noise.

Janelle Shimon

Hello! My name is Janelle and I’m a senior at The University of Central Florida studying Human Communications and Event Management. Some of my hobbies include watching football, boating, working out and shopping. I love attending both college football and NFL games. My two favorite teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Penn State Nittany Lions. Their stadiums are absolutely beautiful and the atmosphere is like no other! You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @janelleshimonn.

Madisyn Daddario

Hi! My name is Madisyn Daddario and I am a broadcast journalism student at the University of Oklahoma. I have grown up with sports around me my whole life. I played soccer from the age of 3 up until I graduated high school. However, growing up in a family of all boys I have always had such a love for football. Ever since I was a freshman In high school I dreamed of being the next Erin Andrews and standing on the sideline of any NFL game. I have a passion for being on camera and talking all things sports. You can find me on Instagram @madisyndaddariotv and @madisyndaddario or visit my website at madisyndaddariotv.me!

Zach Batia

I am a senior at the University of Minnesota studying journalism and psychology. I’m a huge football fan and walking hockey encyclopedia. I write with an analytical eye about anything from campus police efficiency to Tom Brady’s potential fit with the Buccaneers. The best sports moment of my life, hands down, was being in the student section for Minnesota’s upset of then undefeated Penn State last year. My voice is still recovering.

Derian Coleman

My name is Derian Coleman, I am a senior at the University of Central Florida (Go Knights ⚔️ ?). I am a Communications & Conflict Major looking to purse a masters degree in sports business management. I played basketball and football growing up and ultimately fell in love with football. My best sports memories all come from playing on the field. One I can cherish was my senior year of high school with our first game against a team we lost too the year prior. We ended up losing that game by 1 point, and I remember walking off the field thinking we’ll get them next year before realizing there wasn’t a next year..that moment woke me up to understand to play every game like it’s your last and even in life to do everything with excellence…you never know of you I’ll get a second chance. Please do follow me on Instagram where I mostly promote my pictures as well as my love for Sneakers through my YouTube channel! Thank you.

Taryn Ashby

Taryn Ashby is a senior at Villanova University, where she is studying Communications with a specialization in Journalism and minoring in Education. Taryn is a javelin thrower on the Villanova varsity track & field team. Her best sports memories were when she broke Villanova’s record in the javelin and when the Villanova men’s basketball team won the NCAA Championship in 2018. You can find her on Twitter (@TarynAshby43) or Instagram (@taryn_ashby).

John Barry

Hi, I am John Barry, a broadcast journalist at the University of Oklahoma. I have been passionate about sports as long as I can remember. I have grown up a lifelong Sooner fan and remember so many great games. If I had to pick, my top two would be the 2014 Sugar Bowl against Bama or sadly, the 2018 Rose Bowl against Georgia. Two of the best football games I have ever been to. I do love to talk sports but am not shy so feel free to follow me on Twitter @JohnBarryII_ or on Instagram @Barryyy2!

Kristen Wedegis

As one of the greatest NFL wide receivers, Jerry Rice, once said, “I feel like I’m the best, but you’re not going to get me to say that.” Contrary to Rice, my name is Kristen Wedegis, and I am a junior at what I will proudly say I feel is the best school in the nation: the Georgia Institute of Technology. My major is Computational Media, which involves a blend of computer science principles and digital media theory. My oldest sports memory dates back to watching the Patriots’ 24-21 win over the Eagles in the 2005 Super Bowl with my dad (Terrell Owens had a great game that Super Bowl, but he’s no Jerry Rice). My most recent memories are from being part of the Georgia Tech Goldrush Dance Team, supporting the Swarm from the sidelines.

David Schumacher

My name is David Schumacher, I am born and raised in BIG 12 country and an avid Cornhusker fan. Currently I am studying Advertising and Public Relations at THE University of Nebraska-Lincoln. My best sports memory would have to be in 2013 when Ron Kellog III slung a 55-yard Hail Mary pass that was deflected to Jordan Westerkamp to beat Northwestern 27-24 as time expired. You can follow me on Instagram @dave_da_shoe_mocker or my husker sports page @huskerology.

Bridget Hyland

I am a junior Communication major at Villanova University, with specializations in Journalism and Media Production. My favorite sports moment was Kris Jenkin’s shot to win the 2016 National Championship for Nova! My Instagram is @bridgethyland_.

Eric Billeter

My name is Eric Billeter and I am a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University. I am a mass communications major looking for a job in the sports field. I have grown up loving all sports, but especially football and basketball. I am a diehard Denver Broncos fan as well as a fan of all Michigan State sports due to a majority of my family having graduated from the university. Follow my Twitter @EricBilleter_25 for more information on myself and sports content.

Gregory Goods

My name is Gregory Goods and I’m a Senior at the University of Houston studying Broadcast Journalism. I grew up loving the game of basketball, and my passion for that led me into enjoying and covering all sports related events. My goal is to become a studio reporter for a major sports network like ESPN or Fox Sports and to become a sports commentator for a NBA team. Follow me on Instagram: @Gregtheeggg and Twitter: @TheeggGreg.

Colin Bailey

Hey sports fans! My name is Colin Bailey and I’m a Los Angeles native and currently a junior Journalism Major/Sports Media Minor at the University of Colorado Boulder. Football was the first language spoken to me, so I would be happy to be your translator. I’ve been going to UCLA football games at the Rose Bowl since I was in the womb, but now I’m stampeding through the plains of Colorado with my girl Ralphie. Whether I’m relaxing on the beach in sunny California or up in the Rockies battling a blizzard, I’ll be giving you up to date information and very cough cough “professional” opinion on the Colorado Buffaloes football team. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram at @colinbaileyy.

Dalton Miller

I am a senior at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in English Writing. I am a fan of the Phillies, Eagles, Trail Blazers, and I have recently started supporting Tottenham in the Premier League. My favorite sports memory is the Eagles winning the Super Bowl. You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch @d_mill5.

Aaron Bonderson

Hi! I’m Aaron Bonderson, a Sports Media and Communications major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. My Auburn fandom began at a very young age, despite living in Nebraska. I’ve been to one Auburn sporting event. That was the 2019 College World Series game against Mississippi State. We really blew that one didn’t we! One day I hope to become a television sportscaster. Follow me on Twitter: @abonderson

Jason Greene

Hi my name is Jason Greene, I am from Dresher, PA, which is 30 minutes away from Philadelphia. I am currently a senior at Temple University. My goal is to become a sports radio host one day. I host a podcast called NoBlocksports which is me giving my opinion in anything going on in the sports world. I also am a producer on the wooderboys podcast.

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