Big 12 football predictions - Week 9

big 12 football predictions

Good morning, Big 12 fans. And happy Halloween! It’s a night of haunting matchups that are sure to make any Big 12 fan shudder with fear. Let’s get into the games and see who gets a trick and who gets a treat.

#16 Kansas State vs. West Virginia

West Virginia may have had the No. 1 defense in the country last week, but Texas Tech outscored the Mountaineers and defended their offense. No surprises and no tricks for the Wildcats today. They start off Halloween with a nice win against the Mountaineers.

Prediction: Kansas State wins

#23 Iowa State vs. Kansas

Kansas will eventually get a win this year, I guarantee it. Today is not that day unfortunately. I can see Kansas maybe keeping it close and maybe being able to outscore the Cyclone offense, but one slip up is all it takes against the Cyclones and you’re staring at a three-score game in minutes. If Kansas wants to prove me wrong, it will have to play really REALLY good football today.

Prediction: Iowa State wins

TCU vs. Baylor

This game is the NFC East matchup of the Big 12. If there were ties in college football, I would predict a tie, but I expect this game to be somewhat of a shootout. If it’s not, just change the channel.

Prediction: TCU wins

Texas vs. Oklahoma State

Man, you know Texas is gonna win one of these games and start the whole “Texas is back” campaign. If Sam Ehlinger wants a shot at getting drafted in a high round next spring, this is the game where he has to ball out. The Cowboys are 4-0 for a reason. They’re good, but I like chaos and no team will go undefeated in the Big 12.

Prediction: Texas wins

Oklahoma vs. Texas Tech

Oklahoma is vulnerable and not just vulnerable, but wounded. I’ve seen this team walk into Lubbock, Texas three times since I’ve been here in college and not once have the Sooners ever looked comfortable leaving. This may be the year that the Red Raiders finally stick it to old man Lincoln Riley and go home happy. Spooky things happen in that stadium on Halloween, and at night too? Remember folks, anything can happen on Halloween!

Prediction: Texas Tech wins

Photo courtesy of Baylor Athletics