BREAKING: Kobe King deletes Wisconsin stuff on Instagram

UPDATE: Kobe King announced on his Instagram page he is leaving the Wisconsin basketball program.

Welcome to journalism in 2020, folks. We’ve got ourselves some good ol’ fashion breaking news Instagram-style. As I recited my state of the Wisconsin basketball program on Deceptive Speed LIVE on Twitter and Facebook, a Twitter user gave me a heads up that Kobe King deleted “Wisconsin shooting guard” from his IG bio.

Kobe King did not travel to Iowa for Wisconsin’s loss to the Hawkeyes last night in which the Badgers blew a 12-point lead with seven minutes left.

Without any way to see what was previously on his Instagram page, it’s impossible to go back and see if this is accurate but hey, when a follower of mine reports the news, I’ll believe it. Deceptive Speed is building the most knowledgeable, loyal fan base in the internet. He also added Kobe King removed all the captions from in Instagram page as well.

The mayhem in Madison continues. Greg Gard blocked me on Twitter. Kobe King appears to be on his way out. Not ideal.

No matter what happens this fall, please stick around Graham Mertz.

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