Coach K behaved like a lunatic toward student section

Coach K is back on his bullshit. As we reported last week, the man hates education as he steered Zion Williamson away from school despite his desires to remain a student at Duke University. Now, Mike Krzyzewski is targeting the Cameron Crazies.

During Tuesday night’s win over Pittsburgh, the Duke student section chanted, “Jeff Capel sit with us,” which is a positive chant directed toward the former Duke player and assistant coach. For some reason, this set Krzyzewski off, immediately going toward the student section, screaming, “Shut up! He’s one of us.”

Coach K said he had no idea what was said and did not know it was a positive chant.

“Once I heard his name, I’m not going to go say, ‘Will you please tell me exactly what you’re doing?'” Krzyzewski said after the game.

Instead of finding out what happened - ya know, like an adult, Krzyzewski lost control in an angry tirade of rage going toward the Duke student. He had to be held back by the officials. The officials really had to restrain a coach from yelling at college students.

Unbelievable. If Coach K was a fan sitting in Section 123, Row 8, Seat 12, he’s getting escorted out of the stadium.

No doubt in my mind Coach K is the fan who yells at an entire section of people booing or standing and attempts to get a, “We’ve got spirit, yes we do” chant going. What fun!

Literally after I typed that sentence, I looked for more Krzyzewski quotes from the night and he said, “Let’s think of a different cheer - like ‘Defense!'” Nothing separates a big-time college basketball atmosphere apart quite like a chant like that.

Remember, this is a guy who ran onto the court to a stop court storming at Cameron Indoor Stadium after a big win. So when you’re a student, no chanting unless you run it by Coach K first and court storming is prohibited. Storming the court is the coolest thing a sports fan can do despite the few people in the media who think kids on a basketball court will lead to fatalities. I stormed the court once. Wisconsin vs. Michigan in 2013. One of the highlights of my sports fandom life.

After the game, Jeff Capel said he had no problem with the chant. Duke players said they still have a good relationship with Jeff Capel. The only one who cares and behaved like an idiot is Mike Krzyzewski, but he’ll get a pass as the most powerful man in the sport. He can go out and yell at opposing team’s players after a recent NCAA Tournament game and lose control going after fans.

But that’s okay because he has the entire college basketball community in the palm of his hand.

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