Coach K hates education

Just months ago, Zion Williamson wanted to further his education at Duke University before Coach K put an end to that discussion. He had a fine NBA debut, but I have big concerns moving forward as he goes through his NBA career without the proper knowledge needed to survive in today’s workforce.

If he needs to identify where to go in a triangle offense, will he know the degree of angles surrounding him? What is his protractor experience? Can he hit the high notes as we all learned in music appreciation 101? AND HOW DEEP IS HIS UNDERSTANDING OF ART HISTORY?

Every one of these examples is what us college-educated Americans need every single day no matter the career choice. The sad truth is Coach K robbed Zion Williamson of the chance to be successful professionally.

Zion appeared on the JJ Redick Podcast and said the following:

“I just loved my experiences at Duke that much where I wanted to stay, but it was one of those situations where Coach K is not going to let me come back.”

Coach K is going to leave quite a legacy when the time comes for his college basketball coaching career to end. It’s fair to wonder what he’ll be remembered for most.

Will it be the time he paid off the officials at halftime of the 2015 national title to beat Wisconsin?

Will it be the injuries and illnesses he suffers only when his team isn’t playing well?

Will it be the time he yelled at Oregon player Dillon Brooks for scoring against his team, saying he didn’t, then apologizing when video came out showing him to be a complete lying fraud? These are the questions that keep me up at night, but there’s a new leaf on the Mike Krzyzewski’s legacy tree worth considering.

Coach K hates education. And that’s just sad.

The common rule given to kids at an early age is to stay in school, say no to drugs. Coach K already admitted he wants kids out of school, out of the classroom, out of the educational system altogether. I don’t even want to know what his opinion is on the opioid crisis.

Parents, keep your children away from anti-education activist Coach K.