Click & Roll: Big Ten domination

Let’s roll

Last week, we called this Above the Rim due to my 12-inch vertical. But a mistake was made, and we’re switching it over to Click & Roll because I am really clever.

Get it? Like pick & roll. Like the basketball play. That’s some incredible stuff you cannot find anywhere else outside of Deceptive Speed.

Let’s get it rollin’.

Fear the B1G

Believe it or not, things have happened outside of Zion Williamsonville in college basketball. Coming off a very bad season for the conference, it’s been one heck of a start for America’s grittiest conference.

Michigan State lost to Kansas on opening night, but the Big Ten has racked up several solid wins early.

Iowa went to Madison Square Garden and beat Oregon and UConn. Michigan embarrassed Villanova and Providence. Wisconsin got revenge on Xavier. Indiana crushed Marquette.

Ohio State beat Cincinnati and Creighton. Minnesota handled Utah and Texas A&M.

This conference is about 10 deep in teams that have a realistic shot at making the tournament. The conference of grit is deep, I’ve been hearing a lot of chirping around the college basketball streets the Big Ten does not have a team talented enough to compete with the big boys in March.

Dumb argument. Less talented teams can come in and beat a more talented team in a one-game setting. Look at any upset in the history of the college basketball tournament. That’s why we love it.

So don’t hate. Appreciate. Because the Big Ten is back, folks.

Villanova - Yikes

It would appear losing its top four scorers from last season is an issue. Perhaps this year’s Wildcats were a bit on the overrated side. Villanova was severely overmatched in an absolute destruction at the hands of Michigan at home, and it was followed up by a home loss to Furman. Not ideal for a team coming into the season ranked ninth in the country.

Furman for the Win

Not a bad start for the Paladins.

pal-uh-din (noun): a knight renowned for heroism and chivalry.

Furman rolled into the college basketball season and beat two of last year’s Final Four teams on the road with Loyola-Chicago and Villanova to improve to 5-0.

North Carolina travels

The Tar Heels started the season going on the road against Wofford and Elon. Good for North Carolina.

Duke doesn’t travel

Duke does not have a road game until Jan. 8. Weak sauce.

Bubba Parham: Stud

I watched some of the epic VMI-Kentucky game on Sunday night, and this guy dropped 35 points and knocked down 10 three-pointers. It was awesome.

Also, if you have a good game and I’m actually watching that game, there’s a much better chance I type words about you. Life is all about opportunity.

Bol Bol

Good name.

Tacko Fall

Better name.

Get ready for Feast Week

We all can agree Thanksgiving is a football holiday. That will not and should not ever change, but this is a fun week of college basketball coming up with all the holiday tournaments. Plus, this year’s tournament names are pretty incredible.

Things & Stuff

Pray for Columbia.

The perfect balance between professionalism and just being yourself.

Still looking for that balance.


The most dangerous dunk you’ll ever see. Hide the women and children.

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