Odell Beckham handing out cash to LSU players

What a night for Odell Backham Jr. He doesn’t worry about playoff football because he destroys every team he touches in the pro game, so he watched his LSU Tigers win a national title and celebrated handing out money to players and making a little cash of his own.

Immediately after the game, Odell Beckham whipped out wads of cash for LSU star wide receiver Justin Jefferson. Jefferson is still a junior, so what a way to declare for the NFL Draft where he will likely be a first round pick.

A wise businessman like Odell Beckham knows you gotta spend money to make money. To make up for cash given to Justin Jefferson, Odell Beckham announced he’s selling Jefferson’s shoes for $200,000. Seems unfair to Jefferson, but this is America and stars get what stars want.

Odell Beckham hit the LSU locker room for a tune or two.

Finally, Odell Beckham gets his hands on the LSU championship jerseys capping off another money-making night.

This is a precedent-setting moment to football programs across America. Bring your former rich players or celebrities who may be fans of the team to pay up the guys who are done with college football.

You better believe a star like me will be doing this whenever my boys at the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh win a title.

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