Saturday Bracketology 1/18/2020

I’m on week two of making Bracketology a thing on Saturday mornings. Aren’t you proud of me? Three out of the four #1 seeds remain the same, but it still seems like there was a shake up. Duke fell to Clemson and Baylor beat Kansas creating a switch on the one line. The college football national championship made way for most of our attention to be on college basketball. The only thing getting in the way now is the NFL.

I rarely pay attention to how many teams from each conference I have in, but this is just crazy. I have 12 Big Ten teams in the field. Everyone is probably thinking that’s just my bias. It’s not. There are so many good teams in the Big Ten this season and it’s unbelievable. Twelve won’t end up being in the field on Selection Sunday, but it’s already the middle of January and all but two teams from the Big Ten could be in the Tournament.

(I wrote that paragraph before the Badger game. Now that they lost to Michigan State, I’m pretty sure most of the fan base will think they have no chance at making the tournament now).

The defending national champions may not make the NCAA Tournament this season. One of my darkhorses, Xavier, is slipping out. VCU was supposed to run away with the A-10, and they’re on the bubble. Saint Mary’s, Georgetown, NC State, Washington, Alabama and Georgia keep going in an out. And Minnesota (Big Ten team #12) and Virginia Tech are both finally in.

Let’s enjoy another weekend of college hoops. Check us out and everyone else on the Bracketmatrix.


1. Baylor
16. Grambling/NC A&T

8. Kentucky
9. Purdue

5. Creighton
12. Akron

4. Oregon
13. New Mexico State

6. Memphis
11. Minnesota/Washington

3. Auburn
14. William & Mary

7. Arizona
10. Texas Tech

2. Michigan State
15. Murray State


1. Kansas
16. Albany/Robert Morris

8. Arkansas
9. BYU

5. Colorado
12. Alabama/NC State

4. Maryland
13. Stephen F. Austin

6. Michigan
11. Virginia Tech

3. Seton Hall
14. UC Irvine

7. Penn State
10. Florida

2. Duke
15. Little Rock


1. Butler
16. Manhattan

8. Iowa
9. LSU

5. Wichita State
12. Yale

4. Louisville
13. East Tennessee State

6. Ohio State
11. Oklahoma

3. Dayton
14. Colgate

7. Illinois
10. Houston

2. West Virginia
15. Winthrop


1. Gonzaga
16. Charlotte

8. Rutgers
9. Northern Iowa

5. Stanford
12. Liberty

4. Villanova
13. Northern Colorado

6. Wisconsin
11. Georgia

3. Florida State
14. Wright State

7. Marquette
10. Indiana

2. San Diego State
15. South Dakota State

Last Four byes

Texas Tech
Virginia Tech

Last four in

NC State

First four out


Next four out

Saint Louis
Saint Mary’s

Photo courtesy of Minnesota Athletic Communications

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