All in on Deceptive Speed

A wise old man once said to me, “Okay, 76 cents is your change. See ya next time.” This wise old man is a Kwik Trip employee I met this morning, and this has nothing to do with what you’re about to read.

Luckily I bumped into a second wise old man.

“If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much room.”

Since August 15, 2018 - the launch date of - I knew at some point I would drop everything and try to make a living with this sports media small business I created from scratch. Starting today, I’m taking the little college sports blog that could and going all in instead of finding a few hours each week to work on the site.

Why am I doing this? Well first of all, I was - as college athletic directors like to say - relieved of my duties at my day job, though I like to think of it more as a mutual parting of ways. After I was told I’m being let go and needed to turn in all my things and leave the property immediately, I decided to resign. Since then, I’ve been working non-stop getting a better understanding of the blog business, developing ideas for Deceptive Speed to be successful.

What’s the lesson? If you need motivation to finally go after your dream, go get your ass fired.

Plus, there is no better time for a quarter-life (maybe mid-life?) crisis because despite nearing the 10-year anniversary of the first gray hair sprouting on my head, I’m only 26 years old and still have no responsibilities. No house, no family, no kids, no wife.

See, many think there’s no upside to lacking good genes, charisma, intelligence, attractiveness, ability to listen, athleticism, a decent personality, honesty, self-confidence, kindness, a non-obese figure, maturity, money, a positive attitude…I forgot where I was going with this. But regardless, I’m in a position to take a risk. Now, if I get fired from Deceptive Speed, then we’ll have some real issues with a great deal of self-help books and therapy likely needed.

What’s changing?

Deceptive Speed has largely been a success considering the lack of time to run the site over the last year and a half. Making money on a sports blog while working 50 or more hours per week on other jobs is impossible to accomplish. Who knew? Now I can finally get to the list of ideas and projects I’ve had since the beginning.

Deceptive Speed LIVE will go daily, and the quick-hitter, 15-minute college sports show will be broadcasted on Facebook Live, Twitter and YouTube (and sometimes Instagram) every weekday starting at noon CST. The Deceptive Speed Podcast will go weekly throughout the offseason with one guest every show. And if there is ever a day you see nothing new on, assume I am dead.

How can you help?

For the select few who are interested in seeing me succeed, a little help would be appreciated.

Check it out: If you’re new here, is a website centered around college sports with plenty of room for nonsense including fans fighting each other, the time I was threatened by an Ohio State fan and Minnesota fan. Also, I investigated whether Urban Meyer potentially murdering another human. It’s an entertaining site with lots of new content every day. Check it out and I’m sure you’ll like it.

Podcast: Subscribe to the Deceptive Speed Podcast from any device by clicking this link and hitting subscribe. If you’re an iPhone user, go in and give us a five-star rating and leave a review. Helps a lot.

Social media: Follow us on our many social media accounts including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Also, follow me on Twitter. Follow, share, retweet, like. It all works. Sharing the Facebook page itself to all or any of your Facebook friends who might be interested would be a big help.

Advertise: We have a few different revenue ideas, but if you or anybody else is willing to be a sponsor on any of Deceptive Speed’s media platforms, check out our Advertising page.

Donate: In lieu of the annual donation to your favorite charity, hand that money over to me instead. Just know it’s going straight to the pockets of my local bookie.

I will do everything possible to make sure this thing is successful with fear of failure as my main motivation. People may think betting on myself isn’t a wise decision, but I’ve made dumber bets before. For example, I just put actual U.S. currency on the Packers to win on Sunday. No matter what happens, I will not let Deceptive Speed turn into that type of disaster.

Thanks for reading if you got this far.

Time to get to work.